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Super Chibi Round 2 by MidKnight Heroes

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Super Chibi Round 2 by MidKnight Heroes is now live on Kickstarter. This time, we have 4 new Sci-Fi/Modern Chibis to fund. We also have 4 new and cool stretch goals planned that fit in that theme as well. Stop by and take a look. A;so feel free to drop us a line with any question and we will get back to you asap.


Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1946588239/super-chibi-round-2


So who are the characters we have planned this time?


Takata: The Cynobi Assassin





The rest of the characters are still in the sculpting phase and as soon as we get an update we will share.


Jaxx, S.E.E.D. Special forces officer



Me'Thule the robotic Knight



And Busta the gun wielding DJ.


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I might back for one or two of the add-ons later, but the main 4 doesn't really interest me.


Will they be cast in the same type of resin as the first set?

(It looks and feels too similar to the Trollcast resin from Impact! and I don't want that pain.)

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Gadgetman, yes its is the same type of resin. The main issue is the mold release. We have found a way around that and you will not have that issue with our miniatures from now on. Now with that said we are always looking into ways to improve the cast and the resin. Between now and delivery things could change for the better. 


Just a side note we have figured out a new method (well new for us) and at some point our line will switch over to that new method of casting but we want to get some more tests in before we go all in.

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So let's start the day off with a thank you and an update.

Thank you so much for all the support yesterday. We were able to get to 50% funded on day one and that was amazing! Now the goal for today is to try and get to %75 or higher. WE CAN DO IT!

Now with that said I want to give you an update. Last night before I went to bed I was sent a picture of the WIP sculpt of Jaxx. I was just amazed at his sculpt. Now, his gun is not done but his body is. Keep in mind this is not the final pose but on man does it not look good. I'm excited!




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Oversized mech helmet, half finished armor, baggy shirt and pants, giant backpack ... wait I've seen this kid at every convention I go to.

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ah  that's better, now here's the update



OK, so I lied. I told you I would not do an update every night, but you guys hit $2,500. So I have to update you. As I promised we hit $2,500 so it's time to show off the first stretch goal. Let me introduce you to Breeann, S.E.E.D. special forces officer and partner to Jaxx.


 Now I know we are ways out to unlock her but we are only $1000 away from funding. Once we fund we can start on unlocking her. 

Now a little back story to Breeann. Well, she is a southern bell and has a special place in her heart for her partner Jaxx. At a young age, she was taught how to shoot by her father, a SWAT officer in the New Eden police force. From there she took her talents and became a professional sharpshooter, she won several accolades for her skills and was well known as one of the best shooters. When the new Destroids known as S.E.E.D.s came on the scene and began to cause major trouble, she was recruited into the S.E.E.D. special forces and partnered up with Jaxx. From there the two formed an unbreakable bond and now are one of the top units to take out rogue S.E.E.D.s

So there you have it a little back story to Breeann. I can't wait to unlock her. Now this is just the concept art and not the final pose. 

Let us know what you think.


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YES, 86%! Man, we are doing good and we still have 23 days to go. This should be no problem to fund! We got this!  

Ok with that said I wanted to let those who pledged for the play test know what's going on with it. So, we are in the process of getting it put together and a few days after funding it will go out via our website and you can download it there. It will be in a zip file as it's a print and play version. It will mainly be in B&W to save on ink but there will be a few files to have some color if you want color printouts. Now the game board will be smaller than the official version. We did that because the game board is 9 x 18 and well, you really can't print that off so we made a print and play 8 1/2 x 11 board. Also, even though you won't have the minis from this Kickstarter at that time when you get the playtest you will have all their moves, and the moves from the characters in Super Chibi Kickstarter to play with. Also, you will have the character creation rules as well to test out your own creations. Now if you get the playtest of the game we will create special facebook group that you can post all your feedback. We will then make any changes we feel are needed and let you download the updated version from there.  

So yeah fun times ahead!  

So, here is a pick of the playtest board for reference. Again is not the official size but it will work for the playtest. There will be a version that has a white BG and one that has a color logo on it as well. When we get the cards done we will let you know. 

 September 9th!

On the 9th MidKnight Heroes will be hosting a special google hangout. We will be painting chibi's talking games and talking Super Chibi. We encourage you all to stop by but, be warned space is limited. Google hangout puts a cap on how many can join. If you miss it that's fine. We are going to try and record it for later viewing.   We will update you with the link on the 9th.

Well there you have it, we hope you all had a great Labor Day and see you in the next update. Sorry, this one was not to say we funded. :(


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A wee facebook update


So yeah we are at 91% funded right now. Man, I'm telling you I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! But ,anyhow today I got another update on Jaxx. He's still not done but we have made some amazing progress and I wanted to show you. Take a look and let us know what you think. #MKHSCHIBIR2 

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WE DID IT! YES! WE MADE FUNDING! It's was a hard fought battle but we made it. Now let's see if we can get some stretch goals unlocked! First up, Breeann S.E.E.D. Special forces officer and partner to Jaxx. Like all the other miniatures she will be 30mm and cast in resin. She will require paint and assembly.

Breeann: Unlocked at $6000


When we hit $4500 We will show off the next stretch goal.

This is awesome guys, you have made this happen. Without you, there would not be a Midknight Heroes. Thanks!


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 So as you know by now the other day we made funding. Since then it been a bumpy ride but we all know it's all going to work out in the end. With that said we want to remind you that if you missed out on the first Kickstarter you can now get them as an add-on. For just $10 you can get either Elizabeth, MidKnight or Damien Kane. Oh and at the time of this update, there is one Mega Pledge left so you can get all four of the first minis if you want. 

Also, we want to let you know we did send out the message to start working on Me'Tule but that had to be put on hold for a bit. Our sculptor is backed up a little and we did not want to overload him at this time. Don't worry as soon as we can get started on him we will. 

Game News:

3rd wave of playtesting is done. Man, this game has gone through allot of changes. I would sit here and tell you all the changes but till you get your hands on it, it would not make sense. But know this by the time the playtesters get the game it going to be sharp! 

Now with that said let's take some time to talk about what the game really is. It seems I have been too cryptic about it, and with good reason but now is the time to open up a little about it. 

The game will be called Super Chibi A.C.E. (Arcade Combat Engine), not Super Chibi Clash. The story of the game will take place in the world of Super Chibi Clash, but the system will be universal to all the Super Chibi worlds. Those who have been following us from the start know that is a departure for what we wanted to do but this will still serve the same function, bringing al the worlds together. The game is meant to be a throwback or pay homage to the old 2d fighting games of old. We can not mention names but you know the ones I'm talking about. It had fireballs, Sonic Boom, Yoga fire, and all that good stuff.  Yeah, you know the one. Our goal is to match that arcade experience as close as we can but on the game board. We feel that we have done that. Now it still needs tweaking but the overall feel matches that 100%. The game is 100% card driven (54cards) and is played on a 9 x 18 vinyl mat. The game will come with pre-made characters, (ours) and you can even create your own fighters with chibis you already own using the same rules we used to create our characters. The game will come with everything you need to play, the deck, the matt and a nice rulebook. But we will also supply the rules free of charge if you don't want to buy the box set and just use your characters. We will sell the decks and mat separate if that is what you want. Also, know that you do not have to use Chibi's with this game. You can use any miniature and make your own tournament. It's all good.

Now, as we get closer to the game Kickstarter we will share with you the art and how to play videos so you can get an understanding how it plays. I hope this helps you understand what the game will be. 

Now I know I have said this before but you just do not understand how grateful me and the team are for your support. This means allot to us that you believe in us and want to see MidKnight Heroes grow. Thank you!

Natakue and the MidKnight Heroes team

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      First step, research.
      ...and my personal favorite:

      Perfect!  I wanted to practice red anyway.  I ended up choosing red shadow, dragon red, big top red, seoni scarlet, volcanic orange, marigold yellow and sun yellow as my colors.
      Second step is to pick a mini.

      I supported Impact's kickstarter quite awhile ago and almost forgot I had this fellow.  It's the Venetian Lion.
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      Um... it took a lot of prep. I decided to go ahead and attach one wing at the risk of making the body harder to paint.  I sanded for about half a day then filled in all the bubbles and sculpted one set of claws.  Er, I'm hoping their QC has improved since the kickstarter, because this piece took almost a day to prep.  Oddly, I think the 3D print went into the mold un-sanded and with texture, because the large surfaces had a texturing I associate with those prints.  It took several layers of sealer to smooth.
      But, I finally got him primed.  Isn't he cute! 

      Next, I basecoated with red shadow.  why red shadow, you ask?  Because red is awful at coverage because of its translucency.  So, basecoat with a red brown. This will save you frustration down the road.

      Next, layer with dragon red. Leave a few areas of the red shadow as deepest shadows.  Here's where I had to decided to commit to the wooden/statue route, because a real lion would have a darker back and a pale belly, whereas a figure in top-down light would be the opposite.

      Still not red?  Never fear!  Also, put a lot of layers of each step.  Lots and lots of layers. Next step big top red.

      Next, seoni scarlet.  I like this color.  It's super intense.  Very shiny.  Except it's matte, but you know what I mean.

      Boom! Now we're in the red zone.
      Now, I need eyes.  A miniature is lifeless until we add eyes.  I like doing them early because they often help guide the rest of the project.

      I basecoated the eyes with marigold yellow.  Then shaded the edges with volcanic orange.

      Then I added some sun yellow to the center.  Even a chibi eye can afford some shading, otherwise the socket looks too flat.

      After that, I drew in the iris shape.

      I used red shadow and added a pupil of nightshade purple.

      When I was happy with the shape and balance, I filled in the eye with some terra nova tundra and more of the yellows.

      Excellent!  I also mixed a bit of linen white into the yellow just at the edge of the iris ring.  Here's a front view:

      Last step in eyes if adding the white reflection.  I used pure white for contrast.

      So he's sort of a demonic cute lion.  It could work, right?
      Then I wanted to try out wing patterns.  For the last 3 days I've been wanting to get to the fun part, so I forged ahead and rushed to this step. As it turns out, that was an error, but it worked out in the end.  I think.

      Ok, the key to freehand is breaking down a pattern into something simple.  I started with circles.

      Filled in the circles and added some teardrop lines.

      added some more lines.

      and on and on...

      Until I felt like I was getting closer to pattern.  It was then I realized the wing looked way to flat and dull. I needed more shading.  What I should have done was make the feather lighter near the origin to add more contrast. So I glazed over the pattern.  I'll just have to pick it back up again after I'm done with the shading.

      Here's the wing with the shading.  I'll touch it up a bunch, then rework the pattern.  But I think I like it better with the change in contrast.  We'll see. I can always paint over it.  Sigh.  That will teach me to skip to the fun stuff.
      More later!  As always, feel free to ask questions!
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      This is the NINTH Chibi KickStarter run by Impact! Miniatures and Impact! is partnering with  Märchen to bring you some incredible, new Siblings of Conflict chibi miniatures along with sci-fi allies & enemies for them to combat!
      The funding goal will pay for the sculpting & 3-D printing of the miniatures.
       The Miniatures    
      ALL miniatures in this KickStarter are provided unpainted. Unless otherwise stated after the name of the miniature, all miniatures offered with this KickStarter will be high quality 3-D prints done on a top end 25 to 50 micron printer (you should not see print lines after priming and paint).   As stretch goals are reached we will unlock additional sculpts.  The miniatures will require light clean up, being primed before painted and might need some assembly (although we will do our best to keep the figures with as few pieces as possible).  
      You can use your reward dollars to get any of the miniatures in the listing above.
      Miniature Quality
      While many of the miniatures in this KickStarter will be 3-D printed, the quality will be a very high level since they are 25 to 50 micron 3-D SLA prints which are very different than ABS prints.   Below is an extreme close -up example of a printed figure and how it shows no print lines when primed and painted (with no other prep work).    Many thanks to Yeji Kim for her painting of Vanguard Leader Anna (top row) and Jason Turner for the painting of Vanguard Leader Anna and Vanguard Trooper #3 (bottom row)!
      Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager after the project.  At this time we are estimating $5 for US backers, $13 for Canada and $17 for Rest of World. Shipping of the KickStarter will be EU Friendly and should not incur any customs fees.  
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      Full Offer Why we are on Kickstarter ? All of the models shown already modeled and test printed, ready to go into production. We need your help for the final phase: molding, mastering, and casting runs are expensive. It would take us a lot of time to raise the funds to put  these models into production over time and we ask for funds to make all models printed and packed. We want to put these models into your hands  as soon as possible, and Kickstarter can make that possible.
       We are a group of friends from Italy, avid players of Wargames, Role  Playing Games and miniatures painting and collecting. I personally have a  miniature collection started in 1985 with thousands of pieces; maybe we  can say that we played more or less every game with miniatures of the  last 30 years… Now we want to create the miniatures we waited uselessly  for years that someone else can produce. We have had our miniatures  sculpted by some of the best artist of the world, and we will print them  on the best services on the market. We strive to give you the best of  the best service available.
      Iyaxill, Orc Champion Iyaxill, Orc Champion The Orcs are a nomadic people, and can be found nearly in all lands of Valenor (it is said that some Orcs live even in the oceans!). Iyaxill, like many Orcs, is a follower of Gharuk, the God of Fire. But his faith is so strong that he has become a Choosen of Gharuk, a priest of sort but a powerful user of fire magic.
      Casting Master Few enemies can stand before a giant Orc in full tribal armour and wielding fire as his weapon. When a Choosen of Gharuk call a tribe to war, thousands of Orcs reply to his call, hundreds of Firestone slinger pelt the enemy line with explosive stones, giant fire elementals walk at the side of priests of Gharuk trampling anything that stands before them...
      Gutmeg: Goblin Rifleman Gutmeg: Goblin Rifleman A Goblin is smaller and weaker than all other races of Valenor, and in a world where slavery is practiced the Goblin race suffered more than any other. Goblin can be vicious fighter, that use any tricks and any means to beat an enemy, but usually they get beaten back and defeated.
      When the first firearms appeared on the market, for the Goblin was an item sent from the gods. With a firearm a Goblin is the same as any other race, the Great Equalizer. Some Goblins take this to the extreme and create a real cult of Gunpowder.
      The Gunpowder Cult is a group of fanatics that revere their weapons and live only to tally how many they kills. (All non-cult creatures are fair target) some of them get the "Flamebearer" rank, like Gutmeg, to show their total dedition to the cult. Losing their weapon is the worst offense a Gunpowder Cult member can do, even if they acquire a new weapon, the old one must be handed down to a new member of the cult. To this end the Flamebeares hold their firepowder reserve stocked under a constant flame the carry on their back. When a Flamebearer fear to be defeted, he opens the flame conduit to reach the gunpowder storage, immulating himself as a living bomb.
      For our second year models we want to change our creation process, so instead of historical research and lore history we started from scratch. We put a lot of ideas on paper, burned them and start again a couple of time until we have a number of original stories and character ideas, then we contacted the great Aitor Holgado  a really talented artist to develop our ideas. He got us a lot of great miniatures ideas, and we choose two: Iyaxill & Gutmeg.
      We then give the design of Gutmeg to Alessandro Depaoli our great 3D artist, and Iyaxill to a young but talented sculptor: Ocampo Lopez Julio Cesar from Argentina !
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      Presenting my Lisa Frank velociraptor!
      I love him! He just screamed at me to be fun colors! And I have to brag n the green stuff world mushrooms,they're pretty fantastic.
      He's my painters entry for reapercon; I'm motoring on with all my other entries. I'm interested in what you think, so c&c away!

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