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I decided to post what I am doing with this mini, since I just decided that I was not following my usual

routine.  He has been broccoli clipped, cleaned up as best I could do, and Primed.  Rather than line him with my usual brown liner, I decided to use a black wash. It gives me a lot of contrast, but I don't have to paint over that usual brown.  The black should work for my intentions.  Nice to see all the fine details on this one.

The beard makes me shiver in AN-TIS-I-PAT-ION.  Tom did a magnificent job on that, as well as the right hand at the base of the staff on left side.  He always sneaks in a detail you aren't expecting.  I am planning on basing him on some tree bark to look like a mountain ledge, and some tree's around the base.

I'll try to make sure I show my various steps to completion !


So here are a few photos of where he stands now.







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Finally a morning without intense heat and humidity.  Sweating and painting miniatures does not mix well.

I do NOT appreciate have sweat flowing into my eyes from my visor !

So today I got the chance to clean out my wet palette, clean and replace the water in my brush bucket, and do some painting on the Ancient Wizard.  Just mixed the flesh tones I wanted using Palomino yellow, and vampire shadows, with chocolate brown, and suntanned flesh.  Got the face in, and then toned down the vampire shadow, and used that to paint in the mid-tone shadow on his beard and hair.  Yes, its another Tom Mierer scupt, and use your fine point brushes, or otherwise its a gobs of paint tossed everywhere it will hit.


Here are a couple views of where he stands, and I really am appreciating that I used the black wash in the deep shadow.  Feels very natural painting this mini.  I also included a photo of him with a quarter, lets you know the size of this guy.






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Went back and worked on Wizards Robes.  Didn't realize an hour went by during my mixing and painting.

Came time to quit when the fan wasn't cooling me down anymore !!!

So here are his robes, need a bit of further enhancement on highlighted areas, but I'm happy with where he is

right now.  Next will be the cloak.  I am thinking an earth blue/Gray, or a possible earth shade green.  Leaning to the darker

gray/blue (not bright, darker blue) for the cloak. 

Here is where the wizard looks now.



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Temps were down this morning, and had the fan full bore - Painting time !

So I mixed up some shades of blue, mixed in walnut, and vampire shadow to makes some blue gray's.

Mixed smaller portions of blue grays and a drop of purple and got my shadow color.

Proceeded to paint the cloak.


Here is a round view of the figure so far.  I've NOT put in any higher Highlights.  Those will go on  beard, hair and a few edges of the cloak.  I like the subtle "down play" surrounding the figure.  Its like he is the power that has drawn all nature to himself, and is getting ready to unleash his wrath.  This is another don't rush the mini, IT will tell you what it wants by studying it.








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Paint Ye Mini's whilst you may!!!

Decided that tomorrow was a bit too iffy on the weather front to not paint today.

Seems we have the possibility of power outages, so I got a couple hours of painting in.

He's coming along Nicely, so much so that I am now turning my thinking to the basing.

I can make a base by candle light if needs be, won't paint it, but construction can be done.


So I have added some glazing, and painted his staff, added the elements of a jeweled top to the staff,

Layered in and smoothed out the cloak, and highlighted his beard, hair and eye brows.

Adjusted some of the browns in his brown tunic/robe.

I like where he is at right now.

Here are some photos.









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Sorting through the tree bark to find an awesome base.

I have oak bark from a truly ancient tree that was blown over last year.  I need to visit it to get

some good pieces now that it has dried out a bit.  I also have black walnut (which I adore for making bases).

My neighbor had seven trees destroyed by storms this year, and had them felled.  There are a pile of them

available for me to break and snap off bark from. 


Now that the mini is at this stage I can start basing concepts !!!

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