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New Line of Fine Art Dice Towers by e-Raptor


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About this project

As you probably know, dice tower is used by players to roll the dice in the most equitable manner. Dice are dropped on top of the tower and bounce through a variety of hidden platforms before emerging from the front. Dice towers are created to eliminate fraud and ensure a truly random result.







Along with the Dice Towers all pledgers will get a thematic key chain corresponding to the Tower they have chosen. Every Dice Tower has its key chain version being cool gadget reminding you all the time about being a gamer. As the Towers, our key chains are precisely cut and although small, they look great and are very detailed.




As e-Raptor Team we have been designing board and card game accessories for a long time. We do cool useful items like dice towers, organizers or storage boxes, and recently also designed gadgets like drink coasters. This time we come back to one of the products we started with, adding some new types or vatiations of our towers.


We prepared 3 various Towers: castle, dragon and steampunk. Every Tower is different and can be dedicated to various types of games, matching many demanded styles and requirements. The attached photos really do not show how good these Towers look!




For the production of accessories e-Raptor uses first grade plywood. All materials are thoroughly tested and have necessary certificates. Thanks to our experience, we managed to eliminate some previous mistakes, so our products constantly get better and improved.





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Odd that they are offering so many fewer towers this time around. I'm guessing they were the most popular options, so they are using them to help finance the new designs.


On the plus side, I backed for the Black Castle dice tower the last time around and they delivered an awesome product in a timely manner. I don't need another dice tower, but I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for one.

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I like the dragon (towers too) but there is something about the snout on the dragon that enough to make me go ehhh. Still I like the way the wings go up & encompass the back of the tower. I'd back but I've got a dice tower included in my Pathfinder metal dice KS, if I ever get that one.

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