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Modular Underground Project by Maki Games

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Watching this one... with interest.


What was once a yearly tithing to the gods of the dwarven forge has become a constant trickle of specialty sets from other companies this year. Mines from SW/Reaper, egyptian one active now, and gothic one here coming up... Mr Wallet says ouch.

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Watching this one... with interest.


What was once a yearly tithing to the gods of the dwarven forge has become a constant trickle of specialty sets from other companies this year. Mines from SW/Reaper, egyptian one active now, and gothic one here coming up... Mr Wallet says ouch.


Tell Mr Wallet to stop whining and choke up the green.

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This KS has EB's, so grab one while they're there! 


I think they had some problems with setting shipping, so had to close off and relist some pledge levels. See Update 1.


One set of SG's with each set pledged! SG's start at two sets.



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Funded and first and second SG unlocked! 


EB's still available!


Note that each floor is 4x4. Each set pledged for receives a set of SG's. However, you must pledge for at least two sets.









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I like the look of the stairs, banisters, and bricked up wall sections.

Doesn't look like the stairs were made to accomidste based minis though, which is too bad.

They're looking into the option to make open stairs instead, that would fit minis ..


So keep posted!



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You can use pedestals to accommodate miniatures on stairs. If you insert a miniature base in an open stairway "slot", you might damage the basing.





Anyway, up next, an extra stair! Can you guess what it's used for?




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