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Modular Underground Project by Maki Games

Darsc Zacal

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Two more backers until the free sewer tiles are unlocked!


Tiles are 4x4. The sewer tile add-on include inserts, so you can have your tiles like this (without insert):




Or this, with insert:




After the sewers unlock at 75K, it'll be only 2K to the next SG!


They're cheating because I think they said they can fit these pieces on an existing mold. :lol:




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.STL update: "Probably the most important news for the campaign so far is that, after receiving so many requests for STL files, we have decided to make this project the first Maker-friendly hard plastic dungeon in the history of tabletop gaming. We decided to do this experiment to meet the requests of the growing DIY community in the world of tabletop games. The core box of the Oblivion Starter Set will be released only in plastic but we will release optional buys in STL format compatible with the plastic components. The optional components will enable our backers to expand their dungeon by printing additional floors and walls. They will also be able to create components of their own design to fit our plastic dungeon." https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rolljordan/modular-underground-project-3d-dungeon-wargame-ter/posts/1687590

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It's a 4x4 grid, and they've fulfilled a previous KS. They're also going after non-gridded games, like Frostgrave, but you can paint the tiles how you want.


(This diagonal brick floor doesn't look like it's offered yet, but you get the idea.)



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@Maglok: I am Chris from Maki Games. One of our backers invited us to reply on this topic. I hope my direct post is in line with the policies of the forum.


We have already worked with Chinese factories in the past and the quality of our products is well known. In our first Kickstarter we had some delay due to inexperience and yet we fulfilled all the rewards. The structure of that Kickstarter forced us to package the rewards ourselves. This took a ridiculous amount of time, since every single order was very different from the others. Lesson learned.


After that we did several smaller crowdfunding which were delivered on time, with a minor delay and in a some cases even ahead of time. For the Modular Underground Project the pledges are more structured, boxes will be packed directly in China and rewards will be sent directly to the fulfillment centers.


Hope this helps clearing your doubts.

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