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Guindyloo VS Khanjira in 7 Days!


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Taking on the 7 day challenge of DDS2 while at Reapercon... nah, I don't think even I'm that crazy. ::P:

If there's anyone here that could do it, I would put my money on The Fastest Brush in the West*. ::D:



*Soon to be a major motion picture.

You're definitely not talking about me then because I'm not even slightly the fastest. I'm actually a very slow painter - I'm just also extremely stubborn and that makes up for my slowness. ::P:

I was actually referring to Buglips "DING! Turkey's done!" *the* Goblin, esquire. He has the right mix of fast and crazy that he might be able to pull it off.



Hopefully by mentioning this out loud, this seed of corruption will fester in his brain until it bears the diseased fruit of madness. :;,;:

But he's already done DDS2 ::P:


So anyway, when are you doing a 7 day challenge? ::P:

Yeah, when....

>realizes what he has just done and runs out of thread<

NOT SO FAST, WOLF! Your turn!!!!

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