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Guindyloo VS Khanjira in 7 Days!


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There's now a whole lot of silver all over Khangenera.




It's just the basecoat at this point. I used a mix of 2/3 Warcolours Metallic Pewter and 1/3 Warcolours Metallic Black Silver. I am now pretty sick of painting silver and am going to work on something else. Undecided what else....maybe the base? Idk, man, everything's the same couple of colours. I shouldn't have painted the tongue and the gums at the same time. And though I don't ask for pity, there's nothin' that you can do, no, no..... Maybe I'll put some purple on him and justify it with this picture:




Gene seems to be giving me the go ahead.


Also, now I want a burger.

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I've finished shading all of the silver parts.




....it obviously photographs super well.  :mellow:  Just trust me, I'm doing stuff, Lori. Things.


Next I'm working on his hands and basecoating the base. The fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow is really stressing me out. I really wasn't expecting to lose all of Saturday.  :unsure:

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The colouring on this is turning out absolutely delightful, Guindyloo! I adore the effects, you're going to have to write down everything you did to get it that way.

Oh, right, I forget that you guys might want to actually know what I'm doing in this WIP. Sorry, I should've taken pics at different stages.


First in the recesses of all of the silver bits, I slopped on Warcolours Black Transparent. Imagine a glaze with the consistency of normal paint - that's what Black Transparent is. So I used that quite liberally in the deepest recesses and at the tops of the plates on the arms and legs and the bases of the spikes on the tail. I load up the brush and place it in the recesses or wherever I wanted it to be the darkest and then drag it to the lighter areas so that it would spread. I wasn't careful about placement because I wanted it to appear as organic as possible.


Then I took the same Black Transparent paint and thinned it to wash consistency and slopped it over all of the silver parts to intensify the darkness in the recesses and clean up any abrupt brush strokes.


Once all of that was dry, I made of some of my original basecoat colour (2/3 Warcolours Metallic Pewter, 1/3 Warcolours Metallic Black Silver) and then thinned that to....a little thicker than a wash? I wanted it to have a lot of movement but not lose the integrity of the paint. So then I used that and did the opposite with it that I did with the black - I started at the tips and dragged it partially into the black to smooth out the gradient.


Lastly I took just straight Warcolours Metallic Pewter, thinned it just a bit to give it more movement and hit just the tips of any spikes and on the flat areas (like the plates on the arms, legs, chest) I just did a quick shlpop in the middle.


Hopefully that explains it well enough.

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