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Ogrun Bokur


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I would not change the amount of battle damage.  It's not so overwhelming that it's the focus.  The focus is the bokur, and his defensive stance.  It's clean, but not too clean.  I think it fits nicely for the Iron Kingdoms, especially a bokur who has been on campaign for a while.

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I have no idea how most of this was painted. Stared and stared at the pictures and still don't know how you did it. Mind literally blown. 

All of the tiny delicate highlights and that bright green make this figure so luminous, despite his armor being beat to hell. In some of the pictures it almost looks like there's a little hint of green in his chain mail, reflecting off of the plates. 


I probably could have been more deliberate about it as reflection, but there is definitely some green in the chain mail.


I learned some NMM wisdom from Marike:


1- Silver metals are never to be painted in grey, with grey shadows and grey highlights.  What metals really need to look metallic is some surprising colors- it helps them look reflective.


2- Often the best colors to use on NMM are colors that are present in other parts of the mini.  So the chainmail has just a bit of green to it.




I'm not sure if I would do this again, but the metal of the chainmail is a very different color recipe than the armor plates.


Now, so that everyone understands, I think the battle damage turned out well.  It is just after talking to Dallas that I figured out ways in which it could be improved (for example, the damage here is all equally rusted, and next time I'll vary the amount of rust on each chip).  It is really all about the story that the damage presents.

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