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Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Powered by GURPS by Steve Jackson Games


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About this project


GURPS (the Generic Universal RolePlaying System) turns 30 this year, and Dungeon Fantasy focuses its award-winning power on hack ‘n’ slash fantasy roleplaying, where stalwart heroes kick down doors, kill monsters, and take their stuff in order to grow powerful enough to tackle the next quest . . . which naturally features stronger doors, tougher monsters, and better stuff! 

All images shown are work in progress and not 100% final.


This standalone boxed set contains everything you need to play: cardboard figures, combat maps, dice, and five full-color rulebooks that feature original art.

  • Adventurers (128 pages). GURPS is famous for letting you play any character you can imagine. Dungeon Fantasy keeps this flexibility while trimming away unnecessary details, concentrating on just what matters to monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action: Pick from 11 classic professions and nine playable races, customize your alter-ego using quick-start templates and a powerful point-build system, and gear up with an equipment list that offers dozens of weapons and lets you assemble exactly the suit of armor that fits your image.
  • Exploits (112 pages). Learn how the heroes actually use their abilities and gear. That means combat, of course – and dozens of other activities, whether your thing is sneaking around, swinging from the scenery, exorcizing evil, or getting rich through cunning deals in town. This book also describes countless bad things that can befall adventurers (poison, traps, dismemberment, lava pits . . .), as well as good things, namely loot. And it’s full of practical advice to the Game Master who leads this three-ring circus: challenging the players, keeping the action moving, settling arguments, and much more.
  • Spells (80 pages). What would fantasy be without magic? Adventurers features four spellcasting professions (bard, cleric, druid, and wizard), and this volume describes over 400 spells to help you customize them. It also includes complete rules for how spells work – whether their power comes from the gods, Nature, or creepy tomes of forbidden wizardly knowledge.
  • Monsters (64 pages). Once the adventurers are ready, and armed with weapons and magic, it’s time to test their mettle! This catalog starts you out with more than 80 things that want to bite, claw, grab, sting, and curse the heroes – not just the predictable orcs and zombies, but also several Dungeon Fantasy originals. Each offers notes on tactics and variants, and the whole collection comes with advice and rules for adventurers dealing with monsters . . . and monsters dealing with adventurers.
  • Dungeon (24 pages). I Smell a Rat is a simple (but not simplistic!) quest designed to show new gamers the ropes. Like any classic hack ‘n’ slash adventure, it starts at the inn. From there, the heroes will find themselves facing traps, enemies, and unexpected twists – and finding treasure, although not necessarily gold and silver. Advice and “adventure hooks†let the Game Master challenge advanced players or spin the tale into a series of adventures.

While based on the GURPS Basic Set and its GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and GURPS Magic supplements, this is a standalone roleplaying game, ready to play out of the box! It’s compatible with GURPS, but the famously detailed rules have been streamlined to be friendlier to new gamers and veterans alike. For existing GURPS fans, revisions made in response to nearly 10 years of customer feedback on the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy series – along with completely new content unique to this set – make this a “must have.â€


Check out these stretch goals!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All stretch goals listed below are only eligible to backers pledging $50 or more. Pledges of $49 or less do not receive any of the listed stretch goals.


As the project goes on, we will reveal more stretch goals.


To add these Dungeon Fantasy items to your game, simply include the listed cost as part of your pledge. After the project closes, we will send a survey through BackerKit where you'll tell us exactly which of the following you want.


  • Dungeon Fantasy GM Screen: The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is designed to run quickly. This full-color, four-panel screen will place important tables and modifiers at your fingertips to speed up game play even more, while the included 16-page booklet will accelerate character creation and advancement. • $20 + shipping to be charged separately through BackerKit.


  • Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game: One copy of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game printed box set. • $50 + shipping to be charged separately through BackerKit.


  • Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game in PDF: One copy each of the five books in theDungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game in PDF delivered through Warehouse 23 when the game ships in 2017. • $35
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Many fond memories of playing GURPS Supers in my high school days, even a oddball 12+ hr marathon/sleep over in a friends basement. Thou, not as much fantasy but my favorite Supers character was a minotaur who got thrown in the modern world. ::):


I'll keep this one in mind.

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