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Bag of Superior Sorting (BoSS)


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About this project

Seeing this project for the first time? Please read the "What's Next?" update.


The Bag of Superior Sorting (BoSS) is a dice / game token bag which has 13 separate pockets to make it easy to reach in and pull out what you need during gameplay.

I don't know if you are like me, but I got tired digging through a bag to find what I needed, dumping out all the items onto a table, or bashing my knuckles on hard plastic containers. All this agony because I needed a specific die or game token.

I went through 8 different prototypes while coming up with the final design that is being offered in this Kickstarter campaign. Each of the prototypes offered me learning opportunities which I used to improve on the design.


+ 13 separate storage compartments consisting of: 
   - 4 Large pockets 
   - 8 Small pockets
   - Central Pouch Area (good for oversized dice, deck of cards, large miniature, etc.) 
+ Drawstring Closure 
+ High quality material that looks great and feels tough (like a Barbarian)
+ Double Stitched seams
+ Exterior size when open: 5†x 5†x 5â€
+ OCD Failure Rate -1 


 As long as the bag is not overfilled (<75% full) once the BoSS is cinched shut, the fabric will keep your items in their pockets. Once closed, you can toss it in your backpack, car, game box, or even to your friend at another table without your items moving around. Please note that this does not cover enchanted items, because not even your DM can prevent enchanted dice from doing whatever they feel like. (I suggest buying another set of dice from a respected merchant if you have difficulties with enchanted dice.)


There are four initial color ways; Troll Hide (Stone Grey,) Cyclop’s Husk (Tan Flesh,) Goblin’s Skin (Peat Brown,) and Ogre’s Pelt (Chocolate Brown.) If there proves to be substantial demand, I will add additional options as stretch goals to this project (if this occurs, backers will receive information in an update before they are made available which will allow them to be aware and switch their pledge to another offering.)

698e268cf6cf5e8076dc574441c10a94_originaInitial Colorways

Please note: No fantasy creatures were harmed in the creation of the fabric being used for this product. They lived long lives in the Forbidden Forest and passed peacefully onto their next existence.

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