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Here is the parade of my most recent completed army. They are 28mm plastics from Gripping Beast. The full army came from two boxes and the army has taken over two months to make and paint. This has taken a bit of time to do due to holidays and slight apathy getting off the hump of many similar models.


Some progress can be seen in my work in progress thread.
















The buildings in the back ground were made for a different game and don't look as pink in real life.


As always comments welcome. And I can now go back to painting individual models for a bit.

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    • By Disemboweler
      This is my Crusader Warband for SAGA: The Crescent and the Cross. Although the painting and bases are all mine, I can't take credit for the shields. Those are decals. It would have been nice to take the time to paint each one but when you are painting an army, time is in short supply. 

    • By Edsterdoom
      Continuing with my undead army for lions rampant I pulled the following models out of my two graveyard sets from the bones 3 Kickstarter. These will be an ideal unit of wights or ghosts for my army. 
      I kept the paint scheme simple and these are the results. Happy with a good start to the year in terms of painting, although doing an identical scheme could be considered cheating. 



      models have have now been sealed and ready for some static grass. 
      As always comments welcome. 
    • By Edsterdoom
      Sometimes I am not sure the house structure works here as I have just decided to invest in a new army at my wargaming club. We have opted for Lions Rampant and I fancied getting some plastic Arabs. The plan is to build a crusader army at a letter date.
      Anyway first of all I bought a box of Arab Spearmen and Archers and a box of the Arab Heavy Cavalry. There is plenty of models here for a full retinue so first things first was the initial construction.
      The models offer plenty of options and they go together easily.

      I opted to build them all, this way I can play with them even if they are not fully painted. (Although this is frowned upon)
      The models were all built and then be bases were textured with a mix of sand and grit and sealed with PVA glue.



      The models were then undercoated black and left to dry.
    • By Vekin1971
      Not fantasy stuff this week but part of a batch of Rus/Viking Warriors I am painting up with the Saga miniatures rules in mind.  The flag comes from the same company that mad the miniatures (Gripping Beast) though I probably could have found one for free on the net if I had bothered to look (its made out of paper).





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