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thanks for the advice everyone. I don't need a red I have the pathfinder red dragon, and the dragon from dragon's don't share. I just painted blightfang in the classical green dragon colors. the idea of painting something black and purple has merit, since it will be for my desk at work maybe black and purple. intriguing. I will make some drawings and color them then decide. thanks everyone. 

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 Given the size of the dragon and the fact that you'll be putting it on your desk at work, unless you're really going for the Maleficent look, consider painting it a dark purple with black accents... If you look at the figure, because of their positions at the top of the figure the wing membranes and the crest on the head/back/tail take up about the same amount of visual space as the body of the dragon, so if you paint them a brighter color than the body they'll draw the eye away from the rest of the dragon, particularly if the body is black. It will also tend to draw your eye to it while you're working, which may be distracting.

Doing the body in purple and the wings in black will even out the visual impact of the dragon a bit, which may or may not be a consideration for you.

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