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Blood Moon Miniatures Bog Raiders (the entire line plus conversions!)


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These were painted in several sessions.  I would call this low tabletop quality, taking around 2-2.5 hours each figure.  I really wanted some 28mm Fimir to paint and to use for Heroquest and/or D&D (Pathfinder) as a new monster that my players will not have heard of (my group has never played Warhammer... or messed with the model ranges).  

One group was converted using Games Workshop Ork and Goblin pieces, as well as a Bombshell Miniatures axe.  I'm happy with them all and I'm happy to say the converted ones (the standard bearer) was the most frightening conversion I've ever done, it was a weapon swap drilling out the hand, which I've never done and I feel I succeeded nicely.


Bog Raider King:




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Those look awesome!

   Do u have a picture of all of them in a unit together? 

Wish to have these guys in AgeofWonders3 lolz. 


I can get a picture of them all together soonish.  Depends on how much camera time I have today.


Bog Raiders = Fimir ?


Yes.  They are smaller than the classic Fimir of Games Worskshop fame, but they are single-eyed humanoids with club tails.  They fit the mold of the classic Heroquest Fimir warrior, which is what really drew me to them. 

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