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Dark Paints: Games Workshop Classic Bull Centaurs


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These were a lot of fun, and I have 5 more on deck.  The lava/temple bases have been a lot of fun to work through.  The first up is Hthark the Unstoppable, from Blood Bowl.  he was a lot of fun, and I intend on using him for my "great weapon" version of the bull centaurs.  The Bases are a Happy Seppuku base over it into Sculpey, which was broken into shape.  The lava is liquitex matte medium layered until the base texture was less visible, then painted.


Painted to medium tabletop, with some highlighting.  I'm very happy with them.


Hthark the Unstoppable









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I have Hthark and I think two others at home somewhere partially constructed and/or painted.  Never did finish painting that Blood Bowl team....


You know...  I wouldn't mind painting more of them (I have five more Bull Centaurs on deck!).  :upside:

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