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Sci-Fi Dungeon by Rocket Miniatures

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About this project


La versión española empieza a continuación de la inglesa

Hello friends, my name is Andrés Jiménez, artistic director, and with Alfredo Palomo, head of production, we are Rocket Miniatures. We are fans of "hobby" since the early 90´s and we want to offer our experience and knowledge in the miniature´s world.

Rocket Miniatures was founded in early 2015. Rocket Miniatures specializes in designing and manufacturing of bases, scenography and battle boards for war games, combining quality and functionality in every product to offer exclusive and attractive models.

We have been working hard for more than 2 years and we are pleased to present, for the first time to you and exclusive edition for Kickstarter, named Sci-fi Dungeons (SFD-X), a modular and versatile system of scenery for war games sci-fi style. With it you can play dungeons games, skirmishes and total war games.




SFD-X is a limited edition of SFD, and you can only buy it on Kickstarter. We always keep a standard version for sale, SFD, but if you like the style of SPD-X, do not miss this unique opportunity!


SFD-X is designed as two set of interconectable modules (SFD-X-A and SFD-X-B) that allow you to build an intricate system of corridors, doors and rooms, providing a myriad of different configurations for your battle board. 

In fact, SFD-X offers the possibility to create very many separate elements of scenography, which recreate endless battlefields for your war games.


SFD-X will provide you with all the necessary modules to build from small buildings in ruins... 


  ...till giant megalopolis.




All parts of the set of modules of SFD- X are made ​​of polyurethane high quality resin. We work combining the latest 3D printing technology with traditional methods using silicone molding. All the components of SFD- X have built-in holes, to accommodate them with neodymium magnets which ensure subjection of the modules. The neodymium magnets are not included, because are not allowed in air transport.

* Warning: any part of Sci Fi Dungeon requires assembly (except those that you made with molds), but are supplied unpainted.


 Immerse yourself in a futuristic world full of detail!





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Blah... I was excited when I saw sci-fi terrain, then I saw the pics. They may as well named it Post-Urban Detroit. Not being a 40K player, I don't need any Sci-Fantasy terrain. ::(:

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In the grim darkness of the future, skulls really do grow on trees.

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Thought you had duplicated an existing thread as I have seen these previously.

Must have been somewhere else as I can't find them here.


And I agree with Chrome. This is not the Scifi terrain I was looking for.

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My initial impression of the zoomed out picture was a CAV scaled city-scape along the lines of Dwarven Forge. Sadly, I only saw what I wanted to see.

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I missed that this project had been cancelled by the project creator sometime ago. Don't see a reason posted on the Kickstarter or if the project creator has plans to reorganize and relaunch.

Thread closed.

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      So I finally fell into the temptation and got my first ground based sci fi minis!(I do have spaceships.) 
      A Cataphract, conquerer , and a halberd by Reaper minis came in with my horsman today! Sadly the halberd is missing a piece so it may in end up being returned. 
      So my first order of business was a small conversion to the cataphract
      Before conversion

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      A bit of work with an exacto knife removed said weapons.

      And a bit more exacto work to make a spot for the pods on the Cataphract.

      Some super glue to assemble the cataphract and voila! It is time for paint!

      And don’t worry about the Conquerer, I have a conversion in mind for it too. It just might not be a true mech when I’m done.......

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      Here's a rundown on how I make quick, cheap trees for tabletop games.  For well under $10 you can have 3 clumps of good looking terrain using commonly available materials. 

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      Step one consists of separating each stem of flowers from the clump, discarding the leaves.  Leave the "flower" part attached to the wire stems.   Use wire cutters to trim stems to about 4" long. 
      Coil each wire tightly so that it fits on your 50mm base.  Bend and shape each stem so that you can fit 2 or 3 stems on each base.  
      Use Super Glue to attach firmly. 
      Step two: sand and paint.  The sand helps cover up the wires, and adds a little weight for stability.  It looks best if you paint the base and wires, then glue down sand or gravel (let it dry) and paint a 2nd time.  This gives you good coverage on the base, and on the sand.  

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      I was cleaning up behind my barn and found this half-buried in the dirt.  Was just on the way to throwing it out when I just couldn't.  So I washed most of the dirt off, and cut a base from scrap plywood I had, and away I go!  I actually have a semi-solid plan.  I want to knock this one out fast, first of all, so maybe it'll get done this year (ideally before spring or even March, but I know how things go).  I want it to evoke a few things without quite indicating any of them.  The Tyrell building from Blade Runner is a big one.  The magitek factory from Final Fantasy VI is another.  But I also want to maintain that primitive temple look--like a Mayan or Aztek pyramid--which the shape itself lends to.  I also want it to appear as though it's either been abandoned or nearly so, and nature has started to retake it.  So lots of pipes and vines and gears (see my initial bits pile) and maybe a surprise if I can keep motivated...  Let me know what you think!
      Ha, also noticed my little Narshe cottage in the background--it's nearly complete as far as building.  That'll be for another topic though!

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