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About this project



Welcome dear Battalians!

We are happy to announce our first BIG! Expansion for Battalia the Creation. Here you will have the opportunity to get your copy of Battalia: The Stormgates, Crowdfunding Edition (CEdition). For newcomers in our universe there is a second chance to lay hands on the base game Battalia: The Creation, Crowdfunding edition or directly on a big combo package including both of them :) .




The game concept

BATTALIA: The Creation is a medium weight strategy game for 2-4 players, ages 13 and up. It combines the mechanics of map construction, deck building, hero and area control and neat calendar mechanics. 

In this game of creation and conquest the players will send their heroes on an epic journey to explore new territories and take control over neutral or enemy cities. They will hire battle units, and acquire useful artefacts, with the greater goal to create mighty nations and unbeatable armies. Every player will construct roads to gain access to new map areas and will build or upgrade cities, in order to expand his domain and to earn victory points. Battalia: The Creation can be won through intensive development and growth of your own city system, or through aggressive play of war and conquer, capturing opponents settlements.

  • Base Game Features:  
  • Language independent  
  • Basic game mode  
  • Advanced game mode for experienced players   
  • Alternative game scenario - The Bleading horn of destiny.  
  • Modular map, built during the game   
  • Highly detailed big scale miniatures   
  • Unique calendar mechanics   
  • Unique cards purchase mechanics

The game rules are available in 14 language. Click on the flags to navigate to the rules section on our website.



If you want to check our previous campaign, click on the logo below: 



You can try the demo of the game on Tabletopia.com. The website doesn's support all browsers, so you need to use Mozilla or Internet explorer. You will also need to install Unity Web Player. Click on the image below to navigate to the game.



Find more information on battalia.eu: rulebooks and reviews, discussion forum and interesting details about the whole Battalia universe! 

3fe48f8ac3390c2f8081f94c3fee400d_originaThe home page for the whole Battalia universe...


  The expansion

The expansion Battalia: The Stormgates includes the following new features:

  • Components for 5th and 6th player.
  • Team play - shortens the downtime and makes the game even more dynamic. Brings new stratages for the players.
  • King and Queen cards - units with higher battle strenght, capable of upgrading your level 4 cities.
  • Capitals and royal residences - cities with higher defensive strenght, giving more victory points.
  • Stormgates - portals which transport your heroes to distant locations on the map.
  • Stormevents - adventure element in the game. Different effects triggered when heroes pass through a Stormgate. 
  • Metamorpha - character with big impact on the game. Provides a lot of new opportunities for development, depending on the terrain it stands on. Speeds up the game flow.
  • Bilkarr O'The mountain people - another character, providing new strategies. Herbalist, travelling around the world, selling special potions. All potions have different effect, which boosts the players' powers.
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