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4ground miniatures?


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I have a paper chair pdf but it's 1 per page (it was free on drivethru). If I can figure out how to duplicate it to fill up a page I'll prob go with that or keep looking on drivethru.


 You should be able to use GIMP or another image program to grab a copy of the chair image and just paste it multiple times onto a blank document, as many as you can fit on the page, and then put that image into a new pdf...

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My 15mm 4Grounds stuff came yesterday. It's the prepainted. It looks real nice, very sturdy once built. My buildings had quite a lot of laser burn, but it's not a big deal for my purposes. You could easily paint over it or weather it, and it's mostly an issue with very light coloured pieces. Overall I would still choose prepainted over bare - even if something did need additional work or a repaint the extant precoating would make it easier (mdf being rather thirsty material).


Top marks from me for the kits, I'll be getting more.


Oh, and you'll need some clamps. And probably rubber bands.


Edit to add: I forgot to mention they're a lot of fun to build. I'm enjoying it so much, I could be satisfied if building them was my main hobby.

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They make some very nice stuff that is very useful, although a bit fiddly at times.


Wagons (28MM)



Old West (28MM) - construction is similiar through all of the different time periods



WWII (15mm) - the construction of the pre-paints is slightly different from the unpainted buildings. The pre-paints all use a double wall type of construction which is very sturdy, while the unpainted line doesn't use the double wall and is slightly more fragile because of it.


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Thanks for the reviews.


I think right now I'm gonna go with the cardboard models I have but for future reference I'll probably try these. Also, Heisler thank you for the wagon reviews, the two Vardos (I'd say the G word but last time I said that there was a debate over it on here & I'm not in the debating mood these days) you have look to be about the wagons I'd like to have for one of my games. Those will definitely go on the "For future use" list.


Oddly today I finally printed off the last wagon I need to make. 

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