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DWARF garrison diorama / carry case


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Need somewhere to keep my dwarf army. Thought to build LED underground small garrison fort/outpost. 


Will have 4 floors

Magnetized bottom floor for large models

And will try to stuff as much detail as I can. 


Began with a wooden simple frame, and 2" PinkFoam. 

Was debating to build up all details and then paint it at once, or paint it in pieces and install them into the box as I go. 


Do to the nature of the LED lighting, and much uncertainties with LED lighting, I decided to craft it piece by piece instead of all at once. 

Also, I do not have a good way to cover very large, hard to get to, very detailed area with coats of paint very efficiently, thus will take slower path. 


Have some plans how to dress up the outside but want to leave that part for last. 








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Still needs some good LED placement, wiring.

  More details as far as little details and pattern work all over.

    ground texture with dirt, mushrooms, leaves, ets.

      Underground environment dressing.

        door and pathways to be cutout.

         mirrors installed. 

          Bottom floor magnetized. 

           And of course the outside. 


Lots of work left :)  just enjoying the process. 








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