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Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

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There were several I thought I was going to pass on before seeing the sculpts.. but I also may be in trouble.. I'm not super enamored with Kev's face sculpting style so I thought I'd get by on fewer minis.. oof

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4 hours ago, Cyradis said:

I sure hope all of these end up on th Hasslefree webstore eventually. I missed the kickstarter!


Oh they should. As far as I can recall there were no kickstarter exclusives (except for maybe a custom base or two). Everything should show up on the shop eventually. It just might take a while.

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On 7/19/2017 at 7:26 AM, Pingo said:

At any rate, it seems to me that a genre of people with costumes so tight they could be painted on is reasonably served by nude miniatures with costumes painted on (which otherwise are rather difficult to find).


That's not a bad idea.  Curses, you've given me a reason to buy some figures I hadn't planned on buying!



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The newsletter says that the Pledge manager is ready and they are testing some this week.... But more importantly (for me at least) they will allow late pledgers. It says more will be disclosed in the next news letter. I did not have the money during the KS... but I will get some of these with a late pledge...

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9 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

I like that you went all old school and handwrote your list on paper 'n stuff.:winkthumbs:


I have a stack of 3x5 cards with various lists and wishlists on them.  Paper lists ftw.

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Just filled out the PM. I wasn't able to get all the nice things but I was able to get my favorites. I'm especially excited about painting up the living and undead queens fighting each other!

Ended up with:

 Winter Glory  
 Caoimhe, Restless Spirit 
 Ksenia the Unlawful, Accursed Queen 
 Living Ksenia, Accursed Queen 
 Frost Queen, Katarina 
 Shayda Diavol, Berserker 
 Shamanic Boudi 
 Metal Base - Desolation

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On ‎10‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 5:53 PM, Smokestack said:

Ha, I do that for every kickstarter.... You should see my 3 page Bones 4 list....


On ‎10‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 5:58 PM, Pingo said:


I have a stack of 3x5 cards with various lists and wishlists on them.  Paper lists ftw.


Pfft. I have one of those little Moleskyn notebooks dedicated to what kickstarters have been backed, and what the desired thingie was at the time.

This has saved my bacon a few times... ^^;

Bones IV has a notepad file.... and an entry in the book.

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    • By Rigel
      I've previously posted Hasslefree's Velma analogue 'Louise' as a Miskatonic library assistant. High time I got the rest of the gang together.

      A cheap toy VW bus is key to this whole thing. The flowers and turquoise are my addition.


      We have Not-Fred-for-Legal-Reasons! (Barney, postapocalyptic version. No ascot, sadly, but a more dynamic sculpt.)

      Not-Daphne! (Felicity, also post-apoc version; she looks good with a bat)

      Not-Shaggy and his Great Dane! (Wolsey, standard version, and Hamlet; the box of SNAX I made from a chunk of sprue)

      And Not-Velma (Louise, featured in another post.)

      More turnaround pix:

      What sorts of shenanigans would these meddling teens get up to? and why would they be hired by the circus? (Obviously, the circus doesn't want or need the regular police, even if they could help with spooky crimes.)

      Shaggy would immediately volunteer to check out the midway, I think.
      "Hey Scoob! You ever had a turkey leg...wrapped in cotton candy?" 
      *doglike sounds vaguely approximating the phrase "Not yet!"*


      Daphne splits off to search for clues (there are plenty),

      Behold! A performer about to take a Louisville Slugger straight to the groin!

      Somebody has released the animals from the Beast-Tamer's act! 

      Good thing Barney knows how to make himself look big and loud, not like panther prey! That'll scare them off.

      Nothing beats legwork and research for getting to the bottom of a problem. Somebody's been embezzling and cooking the books, if Velma's calculations are correct (they are).


      Hope you enjoy...I certainly did! 
    • By Rigel
      Hasslefree specializes in characterful badasses, and I thought it good to paint a few of them up like my merc Frank Russo. Meet the Major, Ekaterina, Rowen, Alex, and Tank, along with their previously posted colleagues:
      In several cases they have been modified or accessorized.  My FLGS had some leftover GW Bitz they were kind enough to let me plunder, and between that, a GW scout walker's leftover bitz, and Bombshell tool sprues there were plenty of canisters and accessories to go around. 
      Here is the Major. (Hasslefree designation Major Hoare.) I added the gas tanks and the hose to his weapon. One canister is pyrophoric, the other, an extinguisher. The Major is acutely aware of which is connected at all times. I assume the cigar is a futuristic electronic device, for that would be most unsafe otherwise. 


      Ekaterina appears to be one of Hasslefree's analogues to Black Widow. I added some canisters and a Bombshell machete. 


      Rowen here really sold me on this project. Love that dynamic and confident stroll, and the flippy hairstyle. They are very secure in who they are, even more so with a portable GW missile strapped to their back.


      Alex has access to guns and grenades but prefers sharp blades. [This mini, unlike his colleagues, comes in like six pieces; pin and glue accordingly.]



      And of course there is Tank. Tank is not Hasslefree, but rather a leftover GW scout walker pilot. I've posted in the past about diversity in minis, and resolved to follow through on that by giving him a souped-up wheelchair/personal mobility device with some extra bells and whistles. Tank sees your wheelchair-inaccessible stairs and is prepared to turn them into an accessible ramp of smoking rubble. GW parts plus parts from a toy car I found under a refrigerator.

      And lastly, a repaint of Bombshell's Maelee, to get her in line with the Task Force dress code. Also added a couple pouches and canisters. 


      Together they make a formidable team, good for spacefuture or cyberpunk settings. What sorts of mayhem mightn't they get up to...for the right price, of course?

    • By Mckenna35
      I know there are a few folks that do Bolt Action and similar 28mm wargaming (@buglips), so I thought I'd bounce this out there.
      Railroads are an important means to transport troops, equipment, ammunition and all other kinds of supply to the front. Especially in a country as vast as the Soviet Union with it's endless steppes, only few reliable roads and no major rivers running in the direction of the German advance during Operation Barbarossa in World War II. 
      With this set of detailed buildings and rolling stock in 1/56 scale for 28mm figures you get the opportunity to recreate the crucial fighting around the Soviet railroad system.
      The kits focus on the major pieces of rolling stock available to the Soviet defenders: box cars, gondola cars and flat cars. And the mighty ALCo RSD-1 Diesel Engine which was made available under the US Lend-Lease Act.
      Also included is a typical rural train station with optional additional platforms for all who want to depict a Soviet - or captured German - supply depot, where heavy equipment like tanks and guns are being unloaded.
      And for all of you looking for an armored train - don't worry! We have you covered.
        Talking about railroad tracks:
      We did not see the need to reinvent the wheel, so all kits are designed to be used with
      4Ground Railroad Tracks (available as add-ons to the Kickstarter) or O Gauge Model Railroad Tracks The kits include optional parts enabling you to choose your favorite system while assembling. Going this route has allowed us to concentrate on designing and producing the rolling stock only, which has the advantage of an earlier fulfillment date for the Kickstarter.
      All models are highly detailed on the outside and inside. The interiors are easily accessible, as roofs are removable. In addition, all doors are moveable, which means you can open or close them during gameplay.
    • By Ganryu Kojiro
      A Viking Girl sculpted by Bobby Jackson. She was a lot of fun to paint since she had a lot of canvas for freehand work. She is also my first serious effort at NMM, so that's a well I plan to return to.
      I came to paint her when I asked my friends which model needed to get some love next. I presented a wizard, a ranger, and an armored lady fighter. One chimes in that she'd like to see the fighter (she being a practitioner of HEMA). Her boyfriend mentions something about boob armor. I said, no, she's got pretty normal armor. You want to see something egregious? THIS is egregious. My HEMA friend immediately says, "I'd like to change my vote." So here we are.
      Here's the WIP thread for her. Here's my next piece.

    • By Sylverthorne
      This has sod all to do with miniatures, but I would be surprised if there were not people who might want one of these pins, for literally any reason at all.
      I'll let the campaign speak for itself, as I usually do; it is pins. There are, as the title implies, representations for most of the common faiths, in a literal rainbow of ... well, Pride rainbows. 
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