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Some Stuff From My Table at PacifiCon - UPDATED

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So I had a table at a different con from my usual this Labor Day. CelestiCon is still looking for a new venue, so I tried out PacifiCon Game Expo in Santa Clara, which has been around for a pretty long time now (used to be in San Mateo at the old Dunfey Hotel back when it used to look like a big, mini golf castle).


But anyway, here are some shots taken before, and some taken during the con, of some of the stuff.


Here's a couple of "steampunk cemetery" pieces (Stryker and Ironclad shown for scale only).




Here are some landminds/old bombs/fallen satellites/whatever you'd like to call them.




Here are some big pipes, sort of exploded up out of the ground.



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Those were pics taken before the con. Here are some taken during...


Here are some wilderness bits.




And more, with a few shots of this little experimental graveyard mound with skellies erupting out that I sort of threw together on a whim. (There's a Reaper Bones skeleton in there.)




Here are some jungle pieces. As you can see, Not-Doc Savage has met with a bit of a surprise when he comes upon a certain worrisome statue.



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The Generator

A couple people rightly pointed out that there was little in the way of non-post-apocalyptic Sci Fi on the table. So overnight, I whipped this up for one of them.

The idea here is a generator with a magnetic base, so that a small light can be inserted to produce a sci-fi powered glow. The console screen is actually a magnetic strip. By printing out computer displays and sticking them to the back of the additional magnetic strips I provided, the client is able to swap out what the console is displaying.

And, oh yeah... it changes colors.






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