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Siege of the Citadel - 2nd Edition

Brother Jim

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Ok just took a look through my core box. Mostly good! The Legion and necromutants are of course all the same, but the sculpt is pretty good. Heroes look fine except for the Empire guy with the sword over his head. He has a pinhead and looks weird near the others. Of the lot Cybertronic and Capital seem to have the best sculpts. With Vince Diamond being the best looking. 


Cardboard components look like they should. 




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mine has arrived in a box nearly coffin sized. Seeing all the space the final product takes up I really wish they had kept things closer to 25-28mm as opposed to 32+ but at least it's all pretty cool. 


also a suggestion, do not keep the minis in the trays they provide. some of the minis out of the base game warped after painting because the trays are too snug.

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Mine has arrived too.  All I did was take everything out of the shipping box so far, but I'll look through it all this weekend.


Edit: Well, I only made it through a couple of the boxes this weekend.  But I found that I'm missing the Coral Beach character from the core game, so you can be sure that I'm going to make sure everything else is correct.

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