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Thought I'd go ahead and share the latest from my painting desk.  Working on the Incredible Hulk miniature from Knight Models:




Yeah, he's nearly done and will likely be finished up quite easily during my next painting session, but I'm definitely quite happy with how it's progressing.  Just need to paint the shirt, the chunk of wall, and the ground/base - but I have his opponent lined up to paint in the Hulkbuster Armor.  And then I'll need to come up with a ruleset to play them with...


The most interesting part about this model is a new technique that I heard about combining super glue and baking soda to fill in gaps which I've found works extremely well.  Certainly easier to work with than Greenstuff or Liquid Greenstuff, but still not a perfect solution.

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Nice project!!!


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*** Could you pay us so....hello? What? Oh my! It sounds like you might need a few more sessions..***

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