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Celeste - Bombshell Miniatures WIP (Vegascat rolling the bones again)


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With my last project finished (though I still need to post a final showoff), I found myself flush with choices of models to paint.  Which led me to that ages old question - do I paint something that's been lingering on my painting desk, something from the Shelf of Shame, or something new?  I really wanted to paint something new, but decided to finish up Drak (yes, I know, this is not that model, he's in the show off thread) and then I decided to paint something new, but what?  I settled on Celeste from Bombshell Miniatures, which was part of their second Kickstarter.  Not too long after that, the beginning of September passed and it hit me that I could kill two farfenugens with one kumquat!  Yes, I could get a head start on my Christmas gifts and holiday/Secret Sophie exchange models!  I know of three people (who will remain nameless) that I wanted to paint models for and at least one more, depending on how much time I had left over, plus at least one Secret Sophie (no matter what).


I have to say that Celeste was fairly easy to prepare as she's a single piece model and the mold lines weren't that bad.  Additionally, I had a few goals for myself with her: (1) use two-brush wet blending and (2) try to paint her skin following the way one of my favorite painters paints hers (Shoshie Bauer).  Hopefully the model won't end up a steaming pile of soggy clam shells. 


Here's the efforts from painting her skin (I blocked in the dress and hair so that the eye wouldn't focus on the white primer):






I'm happy with the results.  Her skin isn't perfect by any means, but its a lot better than my usual Caucasian skin tone.  Next I decided to try the dress out.  I was initially going to go with a different color scheme entirely, but I wasn't sure it would look good on her, so I kept the base color (P3 Trollblood base) I used on her dress and decided to make it more colorful, which would give me a chance to work on my two-brush blending (which I'm not very good at).  I mixed (1:1) P3 trollblood base and P3 Murderous Magenta for the bottom third of her dress and P3 Arcane Blue for the top third, two brush blending (or attempting to) the transition from one color to another.  I then made a lot of mistakes with the shading and finally settled on what you can see below.  So her mid-tones and shading on her dress are more or less done (depending on what advice you fine folks have here).  I need to go in and work in the highlighing next (hopefully tomorrow).  Please let me know what advice you have (especially those of you who use two-brush blending **coughGhool especiallycough**).  







I'm *really* sorry for the last two blurry pictures!  I'll try to get some better ones tomorrow!  Thank you in advance for your advice!

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Look cool... the blending looks like it came out well...    if you were trying for more of a subtle color transition the only thing I could suggest, but not execute, would be to build in a lighter color in between the two main shades.


Thank you!  Yeah, I was hoping for the transition area to be a bit more noticable.  I'm sure my bad pictures haven't helped things either.  I'm hoping she'll look better after I add some highlighting, but not sure it'll change much.


Why,  Heeellllllooooo :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:


Looks awesome!



*** Put your tongue in your mouth and get to work!!!***


*** Oooppsss, Yes Countess! Rightaway!!****


LOL!  Thank you!  Good luck on your own pretty lady, though I think mine's less likely to bite. :)

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Ugh.  I'm more than a little frustrated as I'm not sure what's happened to my painting mojo tonight.  I've added some highlights, painted in her eyes (I'll go back and clean up the bottom of them later), basecoated her hair and boot, and basecoated the rings on her dress....but I felt like I was fighting the paint and/or the model the entire time.  I just have to stop for tonight before I do something I can't go back and fix later.  Ironically, while the pictures are aarguablybetter than the previous ones, my painting looks really flat to my eyes and I can't see my highlighting.  I'm hoping its just me being tired.  *Please* feel free to leave feedback, gods know my mojo wasn't talking to me tonight.  





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She's pretty.


I know the feeling, sometimes it is better to find another distraction till the vibe is back.

That doesn't mean you're not painting well, it just means it is not really fun to do it at that time...

Thank you, really. No painting today, but I did put up light arches above my painting desk, which is all I had time for today. She'll have to wait until Friday, when I have more free time again to paint.

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I only had a little painting time this weekend. I cleaned up the area under her eyes. I think they look better, though I don't know if it shows up in the pictures. I also repainted the lower part of her dress, which I like much more now, although the midtone got washed out a bit. So I may go back and redo it yet again. Hopefully better pictures this time. Please let me know what you all think and thank you all in advance for your feedback!







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