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Greenskin Wars is the "reborn" of the fantastic Crooked Claw range plus a whole new lot of miniatures, all incredibly sculpted by the absolute Goblin Master Kevin Adams!

It is all about the inner wars between the different greenskin races. We have created four independent goblins factions, and we gonna spand the range to Orcs , Hobgoblins and more...

We are also developing a supplement to play the Greenskin Wars using the Dragon Rampant rules system, wich will allow to play really nice battles with medium size armies.

This campaign will be used to fund all the new models like the Black Goblins and Feral Goblins and also the next races of Orcs and Hobgoblins, and everything will be done by Kevin Adams who's very happy to keep working on the range.

All miniature will be cast in white metal.

So go ahead choose your goblins and paint them GREEN!!
















Note: a good bit of this stuff was previously part of the Crooked Claw gobin range, but there are new goodies too. I was sad to see Crooked Claw close its doors as the stuff I had from them was top notch, so the range getting a second chance with more Greenskins by Kev Adams is great news

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Those look great. But ... I backed his Chaos Warriors - no shipping yet. Space Orcs (didn't back) also seem to have not shipped yet. Information is that fulfillment is very close in both cases, but has not happened yet. Don't know if I want to back a third KS when the previous two have not been fulfilled. Guess I'll wait what the next 23 days bring.

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Hello we are almost there on our first day!!

To celebrate it the first goal will be reach at 5.500 and will bring a free feral goblin!

All backers who select the Feral goblins - Warrior level choice , or add the Feral goblins

choice to their main pledge , will recieve this miniature in addition for free!

Of course all the "King of the Mountain" pledges will recieve this miniature too and

any other released till the end of the campaign.



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Hi guys , Some of the Orcs orders from the  Space Raiders II are already delivered, those who follow us on Facebook will know. The first chapter of Space Raiders (from 1 year ago) was fully delivered , and Pantheon of Chaos production it's been delayed mostly because of the number of orders we got , the  LOT of goals we offered towards the end of the campaign and overall the fact that we allowed clients to choose between resin or metal product , wich basically doubled up the production time because we need to finish everything from resin caster to be able to send the master to metal casting , also August is not a good month for  most casting companies, so yeah everything is being delayed, also some of the last sculpts didn't arrive untill a few weeks ago.


Just want to stay clear about all of this. Well about this goblins , this is a totally different thing , cause 80% of the range is already produced , cast and in stock, so we are going for just a few moulds for the new stuff now , in fact the stimated delivery time is November , probably mid November to be more accurate.


After all that writting heres a couple cool pics for you all ;)





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