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Cinder the maleficent

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when I finally got around to priming cinder I realized I was stuck in a chromatic dragon rut. red, green, black, blue, and white, blah, blah, blah. I asked for advice in that forum and someone suggested that I do it in the maleficent black and purple from the animated sleeping beauty. it sounded like a great idea. and I sat down and found the colors I thought I might like to start out with. pure black, and daemonette hide. sun yellow for the inner mouth and eyes. I plan to was black ink into the skin and scales to cover up any missed white spots. I will wash druchi violet on the inner wing membrane and under scales. the back of the wings will get a coat of nuln oil to darken them and blend the purple and black. here it is them base colors applied. suggestions welcomed. I checked the other forum and it was TGP and Ludo that talked me into this. I feel they should get the blame, ah I mean credit for this. ah yeah credit that's what I meant :huh:.





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I will on the chest scales and horns but I and concerned I might deviate to far from the original intent by high lighting the body scales, but this mini practically screams for it. the large scales on the body would be perfect for shading and dry brushing.

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just do edge highlights only where the light would hit directly  .. leaving the body parts under shadow dark.   Hopefully by not doing a general dry brush the body will remain black to the eye.

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update on the pics. I highlighted the horns, chest and yes I did some work on the scales. hope I didn't mess them up. I used gene stealer purple on the scales and horns. I used a little asphalt black on the scales. I shaded the wings and chest /horns with druchi violet. the back of the wings got a couple coats of nuln oil. enjoy. c and c welcomed. the first pic shows how bright the purple highlights are. the rest have poor light. now some detail work and maybe a proper base for this beast.






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I almost want to suggest some green around the eyes; Maleficent's magic tended to glow greenish-yellow.


Leaving that aside, I really like this take on Cinder. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the base. ^_^

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thanks I would love to do some lighting effects around the eyes but I am not sure my painting skills are up to it. I am afraid cinder would look like it was wearing eye shadow.


yep gene stealer purple is my favorite purple. it really pops.

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