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Rach Air Wing


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Hey all - I haven't been painting as much the last few weeks since school is back in session, and that means I've suddenly gotten very busy.  But I did manage to put aside all the usual hassles a couple nights ago and paint up a few Rach fighters! 


The paint scheme is the same as my usual Rach force:  the Khaki triad mainly, purple accents, and then a blood red cockpit.  The big difference between my fighters and others you might see on any other CAV table is that mine are well above the ground.  I wanted to give my fliers the bird's-eye view they deserve, so I mounted them on heavy washers and used brass rod to elevate them.  I think these are in the 6" ballpark, but I would have to double-check.  


Also, I still need to flock the bases and tidy these up, but I think this is close enough for now. 




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They look great! I love the tall stands! Do you have any trouble with them tipping over that high?

Not at all - the washers are very heavy, and I glued a good heap of playground sand to them as well.  I would guesstimate just the rod alone is as heavy as the fighter, and the washer is heavier than the rod.  I would guess the weight ratio of washer & rod to fighter is probably something like 3:1.  

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