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I am now working on a family of lions with a male, female, and juvenile cub. These will be featured in an upcoming Inde campaign, but that is all I will/can say about that until such a time as it is posted on the KS page.  That said, my client gave me permission to do another WIP with these.


The male will be walking, similar to the following reference art:





Th female will be stalking prey:





And the juvenile cub will be walking:






Should be fun.



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Armature Creation:   The following photos show my process for creating the armature for the male lion:   1. Size a photo and draw skeletal features:       2. Bend the spine/head wire:  

Finished the lions.  I should note that although the female looks bigger than the male in the pictures she is not.  It is an optical illusion caused by her pose vs his, where she is in the picture, an

Skulls and paws:       The raised paw on the female is not sculpted, only underpinned to provide a base for the pads.  I'm also not totally happy with the shape of her skull.   I also always t

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Somehow when looking at those pics  it looks like...oh yeah easy, lets sculpt a lion ...


I know when I would try that, I would be looking at some kinda paperclip with a blob of greenstuff on it...


I really admire your art Andy !!!

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Great work as always. How many sculpts do you work at at a time?

At least 2. This is the most I have ever had going at once though. I currently have 10 active sculpts right now, though only 5 are getting daily attention (lions and sphinxes).


It is important to have multiple sculpts going at once, as it allows you to keep busy for as long as you can sculpt, yet leaving cure time for parts that need them. You just keep rotating which model you are working on, putting the fresh ones in the heat.




(BTW: My spell checker corrects sphinges into sphinxes.)

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Funny little side note, given the 2 sphinxes*, 3 lions, and now 2 caracals, I'll be sculpting 28 cat paws in the next month.  :wacko:




*Even Word corrects sphinges to sphinxes; what dictionary are you using Pingo? M-W says either is correct, but the "xes" form is listed first.

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