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The Dolmen look really good.  I think they and the Fungi are my favorites of the campaign (with the Halfling Cook being the third).  The halfling militia spearmen are my least favorite (I hate pinning wrists), and the minis fit the world and story they are trying to tell.

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They did update that they are shipping mats & Minis separate from books.  I'm very glad for this.  I'm hoping to get everything soon (backer #3 here) :)



Ganesha Games hopes everyone had a great holiday season and are having a great start to the New Year. I have seen a few people have posted indicating they received their pledge, so it is a good time to update everybody on where we are in fulfilling the project.

USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia Pledges

We have already started shipping the small game mats and miniatures and are shipping about 20 packages a day. We expect to have all the miniatures and mats for these counties fully shipped by the end of next week. If you live in these countries and have a game mat with your pledge, you will be receiving two shipments. The first shipment will be the game mat and miniatures. These where sent with the mat wrapped around a tube and the miniatures placed in bags inside the tube.  The tube is wraped in paper and plastic film to protect it.  Please see the pictures below for details. Any hard copy books where set in a separate mailer and will likely arrive at a later date from the minis and mat.

USA and ASIA, your mat and minis will arrive in this tube below

9bf36f4f5ffa83cb363e1acb435ef8ba_originaGame mat tube with minis inside
64e62ca1a9e83c86213bf22b3c439022_originaThis is where the minis are


d0b22e478af139405f0344f7c7672304_originaOpen the cap at both ends to find your minis

EU and the rest of the world pledges

Our partner, Alternative Armies in Scotland has indicated they have the book, mats, and miniatures and will begin packing and shipping orders today when the return from the holiday. I am still waiting for details regarding how the pledges to EU will be shipped. If they will be in one package or two. I know they have been experimenting with the best way to get the shipment in one package while keeping the mat in good condition. I will advise more details once available. Overall, we expect everybody should have their pledges in hand by the end of January at the latest.


It has been noted from a few backers that the game mat is not exactly 3’x3’(36â€x36â€), it is actually 90cm x 90cm which is 35.4†x 35.4â€, which means it is about ½ inch short on each side of being true 3’x3’. This is because Song of Blades was designed in metric units the “Official†recommended playing surface is 90cmx90cm. When Andrea designed the artwork for the mat, it was done in centimeters and not inches. As I(Damon) believed most backers would be more familiar with imperial units, I foolish just said it was 3’x3’, thus creating the expectation of exact 36â€x36†measurements. Although the mat is the right size for playing Song of Blades it is indeed not a true 3’x3’. So clearly my mistake has led to a few backers being disappointed. This was not a deliberate attempt to make the mat smaller, but a poor choice of approximation on my part.

I apologize profusely for this rounding error and if you are really bothered by the ½ inch variance, please contact me at [email protected] and I will do my best to make amends.

For those with the larger 6’x4’ mats, those are indeed 6’x4’ as they are not a standard Song of Blades playing surface and where designed to be the correct imperial dimensions.

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Got my first package today with the mat and minis. Mat looks very nice, and I've not catalogued the minis yet but I like what I see.

Edit: So it seems that we got the alternate pose for the halfling militia after all, didn't realise that. Also appears that I've received an extra mini, a halfling on stilts, which wasn't part of the KS as far as I can tell.

Edit 2: Never mind, it's James the Hungry. I'd obviously forgotten about the update in which he was mentioned and he wasn't on the main page.

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And part two arrived today, with my Hammer and Forge plus Axe and Brimstone books.

Kind of disappointed in the lack of profiles in Axe and Brimstone, I was expecting more demons and, considering there's a whole section on food magic and the KS included one, there's no profile for a halfling cook. I know that I can make my own with the Warband builder, but I would have liked the convenience of profiles in the book.

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