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Chris Palmer

Seltyiel, Iconic Magus (Bones) (89014)

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Looks good, I like the eyes and the fire spell effect.



Thank you, Xherman!  I am somewhat pleased with how this one turned out!



Nicely done!



Thank you, ub3r-n3rd!



wow that eye is really defined.



Thank you, viking_hank!   I wish I could say that the eye was carefully planned, but I really lucked out with the intensity it ended up with. :)

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Nice job! This dudes been sitting on my shelf of opportunity for a couple years now...I really should finish him, it's a great sculpt.



Thanks, tiniest rhombus!  I agree that it's a pretty nifty sculpt.  I was hesitant to paint it, but am very pleased with how it looks once painted up.



He looks really sweet overall!  His eyes are really wonderful, I'm jealous!


Thank you, vegascat!   Don't be jealous, as that eye was a happy accident.  I really struggle with eyes, and have to say that I'm happy the other one is hidden under is hair. :)



Nice work. Like your leathers in particular



Thanks, Tricksay!   I really like the old Citadel Snakebite leather as a default leather color to use, and it fit right in here I thought with the general orangish-yellowish color scheme of his outfit.

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