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Count Melenth - Fantasy Bust


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This bust arrived on my doorstep the other week, so I decided to take a break from the orc I've been doing to paint a bit on this new piece instead.  The figure is Count Melenth from Polaris Minor.  The bust is roughly 150-200mm scale.


I didn't have a lot of direction with this guy other than the fact that he looks evil.  To make things a bit more interesting, I decided to paint some OSL on him.  I shifted the primary light source from directly above him to above him and to his left.  This casts the right side of his face in shadow, so I added a secondary light source (with a blue tint) below him and to the right.  I still find OSL quite challenging, so to help with that I started by simply sketching on the lights and shadows.  This was pretty rough work, but it allowed me to see how I thought it should look and quickly make adjustments to the lighting.  Much easier to make changes at this stage rather than near the end when all the blending and find detail work are there.  Once I was happy with the basic setup, I started refining my work on his skin.  So far I've just focused on his left.  I still haven't really touched the OSL area.  In this first image, you can see a side by side of my initial sketch with the current state.



And here are a few more views



I've still got a lot that I want to do.  Even on the blended skin, I need to add some fine details and then go back with glazes to add more subtle color shifts.  But there's enough here for you to see where I'm going with it.

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