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September RP Challenge!

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Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
All the information you need should be here.

Your challenge is: 5

Bonus Challenge: Johnny Appleseed
September 26th is recognized as the birthday of Johnny Appleseed (aka Johnny Chapman.) While the legend is larger than life, historically he did plant apple trees and sell trees to other settlers. (as far as preliminary research goes.) While a vague theme, the challenge is "Apple" as in the fruit. If you use only apple barrel paints? That qualifies? Sculpt/paint an apple? go for it.

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Yeah for Zeke!

(No prodding needed this time...)

Things carrying over from August.....



  1. "The Councillors" (4 minis from the diorama)

Working on:

  1. FR-1 Diorama (5-7 minis) WiP (This will be carrying over a while....)
  2. Super Duper Secret Secret Project
  3. Wolf Demon (77307) For Airbrush Tutorial on Hangouts...(on Hiatus....)
  4. Bombshell Geirahod, The Spear of Battle (10016)
  5. Bombshell Glacia  (10052) WIP (also Hiatus)
  6. DSM HUNTING WOLF (7410)

I wonder what else will wander on to this list....


Didn't make it this month, to much stuff at once for RCon...

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I sculpted a cat.  I can totally do an apple. 

Last months challenge slightly late: 

Talespinner's bed, my cat 


Other completed minis:

Chess paladin (red) 

Step mummy with sculpted apple 

4-5 Putty Catchers 


Partially finished: 

Dwarf 1

PF dragon - Black with scenic base 

halfling and pig (stone haven) 

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A late start this month.







1. 77309 Crystal Golem


1. 77228 Chthon


1. 77333 Mountain Troll





1 Circle of Chaos: Ajjatahr the Corrupted Dryad



Warhammer Quest / Silver Tower:


12. Giant Spiders


5. Pink and Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch




Call of Cthulhu:


1. Dimensional Being



Shadows of Brimstone: 


3. Night Terrors






Painted so far this month: 25


Painted so far this year: 296

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1. IMEF Reggie (Show-Off)

2. IMEF Torch (Show-Off)

3-10. Gray Aliens (Show-Off)

11. Hellstromme (Show-Off)

12. Andre Durand (Show-Off)*

13. Frank Buck (Show-Off)*


13 done not bad! Unfortunately those last 2 were for friends. So while they count for the RP challenge they aren't really reducing my pile of unpainted minis. I should stop being so nice and volunteer a little less!

Edited by Jessie
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Sadly I have no time this month although thank you for explaining about Johnny Appleseed! I'd honestly forgotten that. I was *wondering* why we were singing "It's apple month it's apple month September is apple month" in Pre school lmao

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I remember an old video game. Windows 3 era. The player controlled an archer. Each level had a different style of target. Levels were progressively more difficult. At about level 8 the targets were evil trees, who could shoot back by hurling rotten apples.


If somebody wants to nick the idea and run with it...do please.

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A little late to the party this month
1-8: 77090, 77049, 77049: Reaper "woodland" bandits- need pics

01511 2010 Warlord Tournament Miniature
GG/CMON/ZBP Abomination
GG/CMON/ZBP NPC Zombies- One of Each
77313: Hill Giant Krug
77103: Nor'Okk, Ettin

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Not sure I will succeed this month, since I am in a painting funk now. Just in case, here is my placeholder.

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    • By Kangaroorex
      Just thought i would put these up to show off the new party making their way through saltmarsh.  A party of six graduates from the civilized lands, roped into fulfilling a debt by their mentors.  At least they are working together...  they arent my finest work but for 6 hours of painting, they will do nicely for our little gaming group and the group enjoyed the surprise of coming to their second session to discover they all had custom painted minis!
      we have a Halfling fighter
      an elven thief with a fixation for daggers
      a halfling bard
      the blue dragonborn priest of Protos
      the black Dragonborn warlock (had to create the head.  I couldnt find a dragonborn mini with an 8 strength...)
      and a Human ranger from the backstreets and slums
      hope you enjoy them, i dont know how long they will last....


    • By Kangaroorex
      This is the second of my dropfleet starter sets.  The fleet represents the United Colonies of Man (UCM).  After humanity was chased off the planet earth and forced to scatter to its colonies to lick their wounds, the colonies united and formed an armada to take back the home planet.  These ships are the final gasp of mankind to keep from becoming nests for a truly invasive species.  the game itself is a little different from Most because battles are fought in nearspace around planets.  The map is a planet viewed from low earth orbit  and the ships can move from high to middle and low orbits, each having an effect on the ship speed and who can attack what.  The game itself is pretty fast, a starter fleet battle will resolve in about an hour for us on the rare occasions when i get to play and the sides are pretty evenly matched although they have very different play styles.  TTcombat took over the license this year and saved the game from fading away and have put quite a bit of effort into new miniatures and rewriting the rules to fix problems and make the dropfleet game compatible with its companion game Dropzone.  now you can run a companion game allowing the two games to interact on a limited basis which, i think adds a lot to both sides, if you can find that many players...
      I decided to takes some liberties with these vessels.  i wanted each ship to be distinctive and easy to spot on the game board so the grid pattern built into the armor of the ship, which is usually blacked out, i lined in white and then traced over with various florescent colors from Scale 75.  The effect was not quite what I was after but it's still pretty good and certainly usable on the field of battle.  The ships are a starter set of 3 crusiers (2 heavy 1 light) and 4 frigates.  The base color is black with a midnight blue ghost tint and then highlighted with white and flouresents
      Hope you enjoy them!  I certainly enjoyed painting them!

    • By Kangaroorex
      Time to get the year started with a little space adventure!  It took me about a week of spare time to get this fleet assembled and painted.  Space ships are one of the few miniatures i find where less is more and although they look intensely detailed, there really isnt that much to work with.
      This is an enjoyable game that I wish i had the opportunity to play more often but, time being what it is, i am limited in what i am willing to teach people to do and I get tired of always having to explain the rules.  Anyway, the Scourge are a bunch of nasty alien body snatchers who have invaded earth, forcing the remanents of humanity to go hide in the colony worlds to rebuild for the re-invasion of earth.  They also have some of the coolest ships!  These were done mainly with airbrush work except for some of the lights and engine fire.  I started with the badger metal colored primer and then sprayed the front with plasma fluid ghost tint and the back with blue ghost tint winding up with a really wonderful color shift across the minis.  The last piece is a leftover Aquan dreadnought from a game called Firestorm Armada I used a slightly different color profile so it would blend with both this game and the original firestorm fleet (okay i have a soft spot for spaceships.  I just wish the games would play half as cool as they look!)  This is basically a starter fleet consisting of three versions of the Cruiser class and 4 Frigates.  That and as I said, the dreadnought for good measure!
      Thanks for looking!

    • By Maledrakh
      I am churning out the Bones 4 core set PC-types just to get them out of the way before I can get stuck in with the more interesting monsters and creatures. Now with sharper images!
      #19: Young Witch Tiffany

      25mm base
    • By Maledrakh
      I am churning out the Bones 4 core set PC-types just to get them out of the way before I can get stuck in with the more interesting monsters and creatures. Now with sharper images!
      #109 Pathfinder Iconic Peck

      25mm base
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