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77184: Spirit of the Forest extra arms conversion.

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Having putty on my fingers and being in a sculpting mood while waiting for my fire giant's shoes to harden, I looked around for something else to tinker with. I quickly dug out the Spirit of the Forest.


I didn't want my forest spirit's head emerging from its chest, so I made an attempt to raise it up, though still well hunched over. I drilled holes in the shoulders and the base of the jaw, and connected the head with soft aluminum wire. Also I carved away some of the alignment peg of the original neck joint.


I think it needs some further adjustment, but it's a start.



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Having putty on my fingers and being in a sculpting mood while waiting for my fire giant's shoes to harden, I looked around for something else to tinker with. I quickly dug out the Spirit of the Fores

Oh yes, pictures! I have some from last night. The most useful angle came out all blurry and I'll have to reshoot, but here's what came out:  

I've thickened and extended some of the vine branches, and chipped away the one going up the middle of the chest because it was too parallel to the other one. Filled in the gullet of the neck, texture

Posted Images

Thank you for your support.


Realizing how much of the sculpt I would have to cover up to rebuild the joint, I've made a cut through the neck hole into the shoulders. I plan to apply heat and bend that area up to form a more vertical trapezius region. Thus I can maintain much of the model's original texture.

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Here's the surgery so far. I've used no heat yet. Just brute force, an X-acto knife, and toothpicks as wedges to hold the cut open. I will need heat to open it further and fix the position, and glue in some bonesium scrap cribbing before I fill in the openings with Magic Sculpt.




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A tree is supposed to be tall, right? Not a ball. He's not Spirit of the Shrubbery.


I've made a few more cuts and jacked his back up quite high, and stuck the head back on with a temporary pin. Again, the toothpicks are temporary wedges. This material can take a lot of abuse. I see no signs of tearing beyond the actual cuts.


Also I added two points to his larger antler by drilling a hole and shoving a wire through.



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Before this point I could have reverted back to the original design of this figure with a bit of effort. Now I have passed the point of no return.


I found a scrap of Magic Sculpt that had hardened a long time ago; leftover putty from an earlier project. It was about the right size and shape to fit into the neck hole and hold the lifted section in position, so I crammed it in there and superglued it in place. Then I removed the toothpick wedges.


Seeing the proportions were radically altered, I threaded some of my aluminum wire through the gaps to form armatures for a second set of arms, which were then epoxied in place. That ought to be enough to balance the composition and make the creature look dynamic, provided I'm able to sculpt a convincingly matching set of arms.




I've not done a lot of miniature sculpture, but working at the scale of these giants is a bit easier as a beginner. I just have to remember to finish with the same level of detail as the original piece.

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Finding reference for what someone with four arms might look like is tough. There's Goro from Mortal Kombat, and Four-Arms (duh) from Ben-10, as far as I can remember. Are there any beings from the classics that might have similar characteristics? The Kraken from Clash of the Titans comes to mind, but there must be others.

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