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03246: Unexpectedly Shiny Succubus


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Ever accidentally grab the wrong sealant and not realize it until it's too late?




I am very happy with her hair though.  The wing assembly came together with a piece of her hair that was somehow badly damaged and had huge gaps.  This gave me an opportunity to try out Liquid Green Stuff for the first time!





Her eyes were great, but unfortunately there's not enough contrast for them to be very visible under normal lighting. 




Astute observers may note that she's not actually a "chained" succubus.  I suspect that the chain is probably wherever her hair ended up.  :-)

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Great painting and you can console yourself with the fact that you grabbed gloss sealer instead of . That would have been much worse.



Done that with some Dupicolor when their cans only showed the color on the caps. model car body got a Castrol super clean bath aftewards.....

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