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77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen


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... Aaannnd just like that you paint a gorgeous face on her.  Blammo, like magic.


(Okay, so you and I both know it's more than that.  But dang, ma'am, the timing on the photos in your OP was almost musical in its humor.)


You are certainly off to a good start!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Thank you so much everyone. It feels good to be back, I have missed painting so much. Seeing everyone's amazing work here has been so inspiring.


Her face is LOVELY. Considering the level of your artistry, thinking about what you might created in the last year is truly depressing. Keep up the WONDERFUL WORK without respite!

Thank you, well a year is maybe a few minis?  :;): It takes me a few hours to paint a face, so it'll be weeks on a single mini!


Looks awesome already!


Go! Go! Go!


*** Opens bag of crisps sits down on the floor ( I know Robinh will kick me off the couch anyways...)***

*raises hand for some crisps*


**  sits on the couch next to the Wolf...   offers him some crisp bacon as a reward for staying off the couch  **

Bacon?! I like bacon!


Super glad to see you back and painting again!!!   ::):  Also, great work!

Thanks so much Kuro. So great to see your Mrs. painting too! We will convert everyone we know to the hobby!


Daaaang girl, that's a nice face. So happy to see such a talented painter back at it.

Eeee thanks so much.


Yay, Cassu's painting...and it's awesome!

And Cash is continuing to be a talented bastard!


I don't believe you, I'm calling you out as a liar and a fraud!  :blink:



Eeep! Don't get the police onto meeeeeeeeeeeee! *hides behind the couch* To be fair, I have taken a year off of mini painting. I have still been doing my usual oil painting, drawing comics, art stuffs.


What's the cool-looking painting guide thingy in the background?

It's a small tutorial work through that came with the Vallejo fleshtone set of paints I got. I haven't read it but the photos are pretty too look at.

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Well, yeah, okay, that's not too bad for having a year off.    ::o:

Thankies, I have missed it so much.


... Aaannnd just like that you paint a gorgeous face on her.  Blammo, like magic.


(Okay, so you and I both know it's more than that.  But dang, ma'am, the timing on the photos in your OP was almost musical in its humor.)


You are certainly off to a good start!

I didn't sprinkle fairy dust on my brush at all this time I swear!


So after doing some more maths (ew math) I actually worked out that it would be cheaper for me to source the bulk of my paints locally instead of buying from Reaper. My flu has died down enough for me to actually go out and do stuff, so I hit up my local gaming store.

It was funny when I walked in, I said to the guy behind the counter 'I am going to be buying a few paints, can I just put them on the counter as a go?' The guy then watched as I spent 20 minutes picking up different shades, umming and ahhing, comparing them, shaking the bottles, and lining them up on the counter.

Probably the biggest sale he'll get all day that isn't a mini from Games Workshop. (Oh yes, I went there.)


I also got some files, glue, a scalpel and Cash I found the P3 paint you recommended, 'coal black.' So 31 new paints, not bad. I also need to thank Mad Jack, who is a Lord among men and is sending me some of the Reaper exclusive paints he had extras of if I covered postage costs. 

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Yup, that's a pretty good start....(grumbles to self)


I took a year off once and it was like starting all over as far as brush control, blending, paint mixing, layering....I think you get the point.


If this is how you start after all that time off I am surely looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for us mortals.

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I have that figure too and I wasn't aware that she had that much detail in her face.

In general I find Bones minis to be a little mushy-faced (or lacking in the nose department) but Vanja seems to have a little more than most. I think it is due to her size, she's a little bigger than a standard mini.



I started painting in more of her flesh today. I went to the Doctor about my cold, seems I have a chest infection. Bleh! I have some medicine now though so hopefully I will recover soon.



Really need to smooth out some of my transitions.

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She's got more skin than I thought she did!  


Get well soon!

Thank you! I am slowly doing better, still have a bad cough though.


Looking good so far!!!!


Yes bigger Bones are mostly more detailed.


She is wonderful!!!

Thank you. I am finding that I am quite rusty, but nothing a bit of practice won't fix!



Had my first venture into the Reaper Google Hangout this afternoon (or night for you 'Mericans) and blocked some more colour in. I really want to work more on her skin but figured I should think about my colour scheme a little more first. Since her skin is rather dark I thought light, sandy-blonde hair would suit her. And her armour is going to be a blue-ish grey.

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I like what you're doing.


I have painted her too a while ago and I know there are a few other forumites who did.

Maybe look in show off and search for her and see what we all did.

I always look for how others tackled a mini, to see what I like and don't like and maybe spot some difficult areas which are better visible once painted.


She's a great mini, one I might pick up in metal one day.

Although I found the Bones version quite detailed.

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