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77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen


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I like what you're doing.


I have painted her too a while ago and I know there are a few other forumites who did.

Maybe look in show off and search for her and see what we all did.

I always look for how others tackled a mini, to see what I like and don't like and maybe spot some difficult areas which are better visible once painted.


She's a great mini, one I might pick up in metal one day.

Although I found the Bones version quite detailed.

The one thing I would wonder about the metal version though, is how heavy it would be? (Can anyone who has the metal version 'weigh in' on this? Hurhur bad pun I know! :;): ) I have trouble holding heavier miniatures for any long stretches of time, so if I am going to get a large figure for the detail I'd want something in resin preferably.


Nice color harmonics there.

Thank you. I am quite a fan of dark skin and fair hair. We'll see how it comes together on this figure. I may be popping into the Google Hangout again tonight so will do some more on this piece. I have also started removing the mould lines on my box of Arcadia Quest chibi minis.

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Really excellent.

Eeeee thank you so much Loim!


Had an hour or so in the Google Hangout tonight and used it to finish laying down my base colours:


Really wanted to wrestle with the overall palette and look of the mini before I tackled more shading. I really want to go back and re-work the skin too. I feel so rusty with my mini painting techniques, it's good to be cutting my teeth on a Bones mini before I pick up something fancier again. 

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Oh my goodness it is legit mini painting Christmas for me right now! Mad Jack offered to send me a few spare paints he had if I covered postage to help replace what I lost. I opened the door to a package full of goodies!


Not only has he sent paints, primer, flow improver, etc. but some Bones minis and some base stuff like grass and snow! Eeeee!  :bday:  :bday:  :bday:  I feel like a very lucky little painter right now.

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