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Was cataloging my Reaper paints the other day and noticed I had a bottle of Green Black.  I couldn't remember using it for anything (or even when I got it) but I liked the look of the colour and thought it might work well for some Orcs, which is would also be a good excuse to get back into painting some fantasy stuff.  So I grabbed a handful out of the big bin of Bones Orc goodness and away we go.




I plan to put gaming bases on do the broccoli got lopped off.  This actually slowed me down a couple of days as I snapped what turned out to be my last #11 cutting Kavorgh's base, and it took a couple of days to get over to the mall to get more.  




And with a coat of Grey Liner.  The little guy was my test of Green Black over Black Primer to see how it looked.


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Did some basecoating on the marauder last night (and cleaned up a few bad mold lines on others that I didn't see until I linered them).




First time I thought to take a picture.  For my own reference, skin is MSP Green Black.  Metal was based in Vallejo Model Air Black.  Leathers were HS Ruddy Brown.  Fur was HD Griffon Tan (might be a little light, we'll see after washes.....).




And after a whole lot of P3 Pig Iron to get a base down for the metals.


Next will likely be some tidying and then a whole lot of washes....unless I decide to change some of the metals before washes....

Oh and I need to go back and fix up his boots.  Was getting tired and got a bit carried away with the metals there.


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Slack, both in getting painting done and posting updates when I do.....


Did some work the other night:



An AP Dark Tone (so black) wash on most of our painted guy.  And did a base coat on the flesh of the rest.



Took today off as there are plans, and got some painting in this morning.




A few more washes on our test subject.  And did the black (for under metal) on the other 5 and the Ruddy Brown bits on two of them.


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Having realized that I need THREE more figures done by the end of the month to keep my RPChallenge streak alive, I put the push on last night to finish the base coats on two more, despite being really tired.  I made it to here before I decided I was doing more harm than good.




The plan is to get the base coats finished up and all the washes done tonight.  Then maybe start on highlights for everything but the skin on these two.  Once they are caught up to the marauder I'll do the skin of all three at once.  Bases are waiting until all 6 are done, but they aren't required for the RPChallenge anyway :)



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Hey look, I actually found half an hour to sit and paint last night!




Just picked out some colours for base coats for leathers and furs.  I struggle with that a bit, but they generally seem to come out ok in the end.

So the stalker's red browns are pretty close to the ruddy leather, but hopefully they will be different enough after.

And The sniper's leather is very light, but should be ok once I dirty it up.  Trying a grey fur on him.


Need some fur practice, want to paint up some anthro figs soon...



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