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Really busy weekend, but found a few minutes to put a coat on the metals.




The swords will need another coat before I get to the washes.


Spent most of the weekend moving furniture and stuff, but the good news is I'll be getting an actual painting room out of all of it.  Got the room cleaned out (the oldest kid is "outta here") and now the slow process of digging out my painting desk from the basement (I've been using a folding table in one of the living rooms instead) and disassembling it and lugging it up to flights....
But since I'm using the folding table it won't interrupt my current painting setup until everything is set up upstairs.


Hmmm, maybe a should do a WIP on my new painting room....


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Did some more work on Thursday night. 




Some more washes to dirty up the armor.  Cleaned up the leathers.  Tried some stuff on the grey fur, not sure how well it shows...went with sort of a speckled highlight....


I'll be trying to finish these two up over the weekend to get my numbers for the RPChallenge.....


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Got a couple of good hours of progress in on the orcs.




I think the sniper is pretty much done.  I'll give him a once over tomorrow when my eyes are fresh...




And the stalker is getting there.  Skin is done. Furs are pretty much done. Just need to do do some touch ups and a but of highlighting and details on the metals and he should be good to go.



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Well, went through a few days of my back acting up and then straight into a cold.  Blah.  Was finally feeling good enough to paint yesterday.




This was taken after finishing base coating, while waiting for the Strong Tone wash to dry.

Later a I did Dark Tone was, then did a P3 armor wash on the armor bits, followed by a Secret Weapon armor wash (they are very different, but the two combined with a black wash really dirty up armor nicely).

Then I did a bit on the face.

And didn't take any pics.....


Today was busy, but tomorrow I should get back at this guy.  I want to get him finished up before moving my painting stuff up to the new room, so I'd like to get him done!



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Well, I was planning to finish the boss last night, but my shoulder had other ideas.  Frustrating, as it has been really good lately, but last night something wasn't happy and happy and now I'm getting a pretty good shake as something is spasming in there.  It's still doing it this morning (luckily I like my pop "shaken, not stirred"....).

I did struggle through and get the metals finished.




And I started  on the shield.




By then it was getting really annoying, and I needed to go so what others that a few of the bits were by checking out the Inspiration Gallery (Oh, that's a tongue nailed on there....lovely....), so I left it there for the night.


Note that in the background you can see how I keep the cats out of my wash cup when I'm not painting, I put an old measuring cup over it.  I also use the measuring cup to protect some figs (usually the metal ones) when I'm not painting for a few days.  I shouldn't need to do that anymore once I move upstairs...


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