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Ezren, Iconic Wizard (Bones) (89013) as Air Elementalist

Chris Palmer

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Very cool, what did you use for the "ice"?



Thanks, ub3r-n3rd!   The ice is some small pieces of light blue sea glass (the craft kind, not the real kind) with a light dry brushing of white.



Sparkles?!  I'm sold.  I love your colors on both of those guys, but the ice crystals are fabulous.  What are they pray tell?



Thanks, BLZeebub!  As I told ub3r above, the ice is light blue sea glass.  The sparkles are from using Folk Art Extreme Glitter  acrylic paint in the Hologram "color". I  say "color" because it actually dries clear, leaving nothing but the multi-colored sparkly micro-glitter showing.



A song of fire and ice.


Love it!



Thanks, Xherman!  

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He is a SPLENDIDLY painted, BEAUTIFULLY based Old Spell Slinger. The flesh tones add a dramatic touch to the piece for moi. OUTSTANDING WORK!


Thank you, malefactus!  I'm glad you like the flesh tones.  I'm so use to painting everyone as a Caucasian out of habit, I sometimes like to take a break and make myself try other skin tones as well.  I'm glad you think they turned out well on this figure.





Thank you, Tarsemina!



Very well done.  These will make fantastic Frostgrave pieces.



Thank you, JDizzO!   I'm looking forward to getting a chance to use them in a FG game.

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