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Maledrakh's 77309: Crystal Golem


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An incredibly fast paint job, but effective nonetheless:





Yes, it is actually translucent. This image is more backlit than the first.


As for all the translucents, the key is to give the models a wash and an undercoat with Army Painter Anti-Shine clear spray, which gives the paints something to hang on to.

(much like Lord Flashheart and Baldrick-in-a-dress's beard. Woof Woof!)


For this one I chose to lay off the inks and washes, and gave it a couple of quick drybrushes with light blue and lighter blue.

Evil eyes and teeth in the lightest blue, base and done.


Only goes to show that simple can be effective.



A nice Ice Construct for Frostgrave, or even some sort of summoned elemental demon.


77309: Crystal Golem

Reaper Miniatures, Bones KS 2

Translucent blue Bonesium PVC

40mm base

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