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Silvervane's first Bombshell Babe - Qadira WIP

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13 hours ago, Silvervane said:

@Pochi — Nothing to complex.  RMS Olive skin base.  RMS Bloodstain red mixed in for shadow.  RMS Fair Skin Highlights mixed in gradually for 4 highlights.

Thank you! Her skin is gorgeous and a much richer color than I have achieved thus far. Have added notes to my paint book!

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14 hours ago, Silvervane said:

@Pochi — Nothing to complex.  RMS Olive skin base.  RMS Bloodstain red mixed in for shadow.  RMS Fair Skin Highlights mixed in gradually for 4 highlights.


Definitely copying Pochi on this one.  Skin tones are probably one of my weak points and your work here looks amazing!  I'll be trying to replicate this in the future.  

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Thanks, seems purple is a hit with the other's I've shown as well.  Hoping this didn't ruin it.


Began trying out the highlights and shadows on her purple pants. Felt like I spent way too much time trying to smooth the blends before say enough.  Not sure if I went to high and need a thin glaze of purple ink or not.  I'll finish up the rest of the purple area before I make my decision.



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