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Jewelry box raid! Suggestions?


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OH THE POSSIBILITIES! I do all sorts of the with jewelry bits. The seed beads alone have been the eyes of all my Mushrooms & other Creepy Creations as well as serving a number of other purposes. Hang onto them all. Just look at them & let you imagination take over. You have a treasure trove there.

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Hello MachtigeMaus,


My friend...from your posted photos...you have a treasure trove that lends itself to dozens upon dozens of possible creations...and a lot more.  


Beads of all shapes and sizes can be used to make bottles of potions, lotions and notions...just stick a wooden toothpick into one end...snip it off...and you have bottles with wooden/cork stoppers.

Beads of all shapes and sizes (white or colored) can make candle sticks...just stick white thread into the open hole...snip it off...and you have candles with wicks.

Chains are chains and they can be used as such wherever chains are needed...just paint them steel/iron...add a touch of rust...and you have miniature chains.

The usage list is endless.


If you can find them in the past archives...check out the photos of my Renaissance Fair...I have booth after booth with shelves packed with such items.


So as I said...you have a treasure trove there.


Paul (catdancer)

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