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Do we even know if there will be a vendor punch card mini? 


SWAG BAG contents on the con page:


  • ReaperCon 2016 Halloween Hunt card - take this to each of our awesome vendors and have them punch it. When you're done, bring it back to the Reaper booth for FREE exclusive miniature!
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    • By Waylandrk
      Plenty to paint with the new stuff so started somewhere simple while sorting through the small horde of miniatures that thudded onto the doorstep.
      In reality the head hasn't turned out that good , thank you sunlight, but did look okay and I love the purples on the cloak. The armour isn't quite how I would have liked but tried drybrushing the whole thing rather than relying on a deep wash. Fun figure though 🙂
      Also followed the advice of Rhonda and made colour charts. Really useful as I switch to Reaper paints from others.

    • By Mckenna35
      I got my swag bag in the mail, and there's the long hard plastic case as part of the goodies.  I meant to look up the manufacturer online last night and spaced it.  Anyway, what is this thing designed to hold? 
    • By redambrosia
      For next year's swag bag you guys should totally put in Reaper decals I'd love to have one on my car. The spiffy clear kind that can go on windows would be especially nice
      Gots to get me more swag, need more pens hehe
    • By Bonwirn
      I was wondering if I ordered a ticket to Reapercon and a bunch of stuff before the con, could a buddy who is attending the Con pick up the bag and order while he attends to con? It would save shipping the bag after the Con.
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