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Maledrakh's 77333 Mountain Troll as Armoured Snow Troll

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In the Frostgrave rendom encounter tables one of the options are two snow trolls at once. I did the blue Ice Troll a while ago and have been looking at this model to make it a compaion ever since.

The time had come




Slightly larger, with much more armour and an axe (which refused to stay straightened. Not surprizing as it was a veritable noodle when it arrived.)


And yeah. I think it works next to the other one. For comparison:


...well, at least they are of the same general body type and size...




77333: Mountain Troll

Reaper Bones KS2

Bonesium PVC

50mm base




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A blank of frozen hazel washed the old ruins. The sound of cracking ice far off in the distances. A shadow in the mist... A low grunt echos through the frozen streets. 


Well done on these guys!

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