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Talk like a Pirate Day 2016


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Fire the depth charges!

Prepare to sink the already sunken ship! Does any of you scurvy sea dogs know how to loot one of those?

Evil witches can help!


Aye we may be needin' them to deal with this scallywag's fancy underwater cannon as well.


Has anybody released the kraken yet?

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                 I SIT NO MORE ON DRAGONHEAD

              I sit no more on DragonHead,
             nor wallow in the surf,
              No longer climb it's rocky neck,
             thrust up from the earth.

              The place I sat is no longer there,
             gone back to the crashing waves,
             but in thought I sit there still.
              Sometimes I hear it's voice, "Come!
             Come follow me!" it raves, and my eyes
             with tears do fill.
              Fierce Triton's breath pulls me from
             my reverie, and draws from me a chill.
              I sit no more on DragonHead though in
             thought I sit there still.
              When next it calls, "Come, follow me!"
             Perhaps... perhaps I will.


                    I SIT ONCE MORE ON DRAGONHEAD

          I sit once more on DragonHead, having
         traveled round the world,
          But, how is this, you ask, when into the
         sea 'twas hurled?
          The answer, now, tis simple, for I'm
         not a man well read.
          I sit once more on DragonHead,
          Because I am now dead.

          I sit once more on DragonHead, having
         traveled 'bout this earth.
          I've gone back now, to the sea that gave
         me birth.
          Now here I sit once more and watch the waves
         roll in,
          Now here I sit once more, to repent my life
         of sin.
          For, in my younger days, I took up the pirate's
         ways, and lived my life by whim,
          Until the day I passed away, and conscience
         conquered vim.

          I'd've sold my soul for two pieces gold, and
         many a day I had
          The English monarchy, they'd christened me a
         rogue, they had, a scoundrel and a cad
          From east to west and north to south, I sailed
         the seven seas
          From stem to stern, both fore and aft, I did just
         what I pleased...
          Until we came upon an injured, unarmed craft, barely
         crawling on it's knees...

          Up went a shout, among our pirate horde,
         "Draw yer dirks 'n' sabers, mates, prepare to
         go aboard!!"
         I yelled to get the Captain, but no one could have heard,
         The firing of the cannons drowned out every word.
         I pleaded with the Captain, but it was to no avail
         I was beaten soundly, and tied up to the rail
         Our cannons tore apart their hull, and ripped apart
         their sail...
         When it all was over, and all was said and done,
         The injured ship lay beneath the waves, and we, of
         course, had won.

          The Captain was not pleased with me, he felt himself
         And so we stood before my shipmates, the entire crew
         We stood before my shipmates, and he asked them what
         to do,
         There was some dissention, but most said "Run 'im
         The first mate stood and yelled, "Hang th' bloody Yank!
         No! Better yet, I say he gets the plank!"
         Once more beaten soundly, and bound at hand and foot,
         I was hauled up from the deck, and on the plank was put.

          As I walked out, and stood upon the edge,
         I turned about, and swore a solemn pledge.
         I renounced my evil ways, and my sordid past,
         In hopes I'd spend my coming days in the life that ever lasts.
         And then myself into the sea I cast.

          I don't begrudge the life I lost, the body tattered
         on the shoal,
         A thousand times I'd pay that cost, to save my mortal soul.

          Now, I beg you heed my tale, and let my words remind,
         You should always look at what's ahead, and not what's
        gone behind.
          It's not that last step off the plank, that I regret
         the most,
          But that first step on the ship that set sail from
         the coast.
          So please don't trod upon that wayward path, that led
         me out to sea,
          Don't follow down that deadly path, the path
         that buried me.
          Don't start upon that left-hand path, for if you look,
         you'll find,
          That once you take that first fatal step, it's too late
         To change your mind...


          EYES OF A GHOST

  In my dreams, the eyes of a ghost
Of all the lights, they shine the most
Green emerald fire
Ever burning, burning higher
Burning brighter than the stars
Brighter than the star that burns the most
Brighter than the host,
Whose life was lost, and now a ghost

 Lost at sea, now roams the shore
Left behind, she haunts my mind
Sea witch of another time, never hears the clock in chime
Hair of red, and burning gold
Vision of when times were old
Skin of white, and bright as day
Now takes to night, to my dismay

 Heart of gold laid 'pon the shoal,
Sword of ice upon my soul
Mark on mark as dark as coal

 Upon the sea in wooden ships
Jade eyes and ruby lips,
Jewelled belts 'round slender hips
Clad in orchid, silk of green
Satin gowns of reddish sheen,
Wild women in seas so mean,
Beauties as I've never seen

 Timeless lady, youthful wench,
Torn from roost with grinding wrench
In pools of blood and Death's own stench
Sent to rest in wat'ry grave,
Buried under endless wave
The kindest kiss a woman ever gave

 Tale of sailors dead and gone,
And ships that sailed upon the dawn
Tale of death, and tale of love,
Of water in storm, and gentle as a dove
Told by another but written for one,
Here and now this tale be done.


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