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Stawberry blonde hair


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I'd say a little terra cotta type color in your normal blonde, blend highlights as usual from that.


Strawberry blonde is kinda like kakhi, off white, and tan there really needs to be a reference point because everyones definition is not the same (take it from someone that used to color hair professionally :rolleyes: ).


Way I'd approach it is by finding the look you want (a sample at the store, a person's, a picture, whatever) and playing mix-a-lot with the paint until you find that base color to work from.

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When I did strawberry blonde, I used yellow as my base, then did a wash of orange, mixed with a touch of Ral Partha "blood red" (to give a slight pinkish tinge).


you can add highlights - I've never been able to highlight hair and make it look natural, so I usually do the light colour as the base, then a wash to shade and tint it.

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For strawberry blonde, I kind of favor a reddish-brown base with blonde highlights. I think I used Vallejo Model Color Hull Red lightened a little with more red, maybe a touch of Bonewhite. Highlit with Filthy Brown.


To highlight hair, since it's a very thin area, do the following:

1) don't thin your paint too much. If you are using Vallejo Game Color, you might consider not thinning at all. But dampen your brush. Dip it in water and then blot before loading paint.

2) blot your brush. A damp spounge works best for me

3) stroke the raised areas with the side of your brush, not the tip

4) let the first highlight dry, and if it isn't light enough, go back and do it again. Building up successive layers after the paint is dry is better than trying to paint the same area while the paint is still wet

5) after your earlier highlights have dried, add a little bonewhite (or bleached bone (Citadel) or ivory (Reaper)) to your previous highlight color and rehighlight the "brightest" points of the hair, such as the top of the head, sides around face, any waves that are higher than surrounding hair.

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