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A bunch of Large-sized D&D monsters

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These are a cool bunch of big monsters. I like them all, and I really like your color/texture choices. Those warm shadows on the ape's fur really make it. And the fire looks almost luminous.


When I was a youngster I loved those boxed sets of minis based on the Monster Manual.

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Sir Forscale is soooo screwed in that last photo :lol:


Lovely work. I think the ape is my fav.

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Thank you all, I really appreciate the nice comments!


Oh, and I meant to but forgot to say that all of the minis are based on 50 mm bases from Dragon Forge Design, my favorite supplier of scenic resin bases.


And the fire looks almost luminous.

He, he, yeah, the fire is painted using Vallejo Fluorescent paints, so there might be a little glowing effect there that I can't really take credit for. ::D:
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This are fantastic!  I think the fire elemental is completely awed by something.


It does look like it's saying "FWAAAAH?"

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