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Thanks a lot guys!

I'd love to see a WIP of how you apply the colors actually.


I have a bunch more terrain pieces that I want to get done, I'll try to do that next time! Actually though, I think I based my stone on a tutorial I found somewhere, I'll see if I can dig that up later today.


EDIT: Actually, just found that tut, I think it was this one. Looking back at it now though, I realise that I think I do things a bit differently. I primed mine in dark grey, followed by a light grey zenithal spray (rather than priming in black and then painting it grey). I also tend to go really heavy with the washes, which makes them a quite dark stone in the end. Also, I use Reaper paints rather than Vallejo as in the tutorial. Oh, and these looked pretty chalky after drybrushing, so I went over them with a thin black glaze at the end, which helped a lot. Anyway, hope that was helpful, it's actually a pretty quick and easy way to paint stone, especially if you're doing it in batches so you can do all the washes one night and then drybrushing the next day. 

Do you import the Thomarillion? Or if anyone knows a source state side I'd appreciate a PM. Nice stuff but I've always been concerned about oversea shipping.

I'm in Sweden and Thomarillion is German (IIRC), so I actually got free shipping (big order). I know that a lot of the stuff sold by Thomarillion is made by the company Ziterdes (but maybe not these pieces), and I think Noble Knight Games sell these, but other than that I don't really know.

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