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Scroll and Codex: Dice Tower and Rolling Tray

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A bespoke, leather-bound scroll case that transforms into a dice tower with a scroll that unrolls into a rolling tray

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About this project

    Hello, we're Quentin and Dan (the androids from the video). Today, we'd like to share Scroll & Codex, an ancient, leather-bound scroll and scroll case that brings elegance and a touch of the fantastic to your games. Codex transforms into a dice tower with a twist of its base, and Scroll unfurls into a personal rolling tray in moments. With a host of customizable wood, leather, and art options, each Scroll & Codex is crafted to be a unique, timeless relic transported straight out of your game and onto your tabletop.

    Help us bring Scroll & Codex into the world, and together we'll change dicetiny. We know some of you are thinking about the Holiday season, so scroll down to learn about our Holiday Gift Package. As always, if you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

   <3, Q&D


   In dire need of magical vellum? We got you. At every tier, you can choose from an array of options to customize your Scroll. Start by exploring which pledge level has your ideal combination of wood. Then make it your own by choosing your leather and the art on it. Finally, add a new Elderwood feature, the flourish, which decorates the sides of your Scroll and comes in Ocean, Lotus, Flame, or Mountain.

Scribe Reward - Maple on Cherry

e011a22c0c3dee06a8e8f48b925bd721_originaGolden Cherry with Maple accent. Shown: Serpent art in gold foil pressed onto crimson leather with Lotus flourish.

Acolyte Reward - Walnut on Purpleheart

70d8428773771dfaf4fa209497f1d01f_originaRich, regal Purpleheart with a Walnut accent. Shown: Spellcircle art in silver foil pressed onto blue leather with Ocean flourish. Note: not real ocean. We tried. Roommates soggy. Salmon traps unpopular.

Scholar Reward - Maple on Leopardwood

0e00cf29dc2e302807a3d15f0ce95ffb_originaLeopardwood's eye-catching interwoven grain illuminates the smooth Maple accent. Shown: Winged Dragon art in gold foil pressed onto sandstone leather with Mountain flourish. FACT dragons love mountains.

Archivist Reward - Any Two Woods

0ef10396b28e149d976602262b904930_originaChoose nearly any combination of wood for either the base or flourish. Shown: Wenge base with Bloodwood accent, Elvish art in ochre foil pressed onto onyx leather with Flame flourish.




47b2584d858761d886f90a79af319c8f_originaThis Scroll home. Scroll live here now

   Codex is thunder in your hands, it's a breeze over a mountain spring, it's sunlight in your beard. As with Scroll, start by selecting the reward with your favorite combination of wood. Next, you'll choose your favorite leather and art to go with it. See the bottom of our Kickstarter to learn more about how Codex works; it's a mobile home for Scroll and it transforms into a dice tower!

Apprentice Reward - Cherry and Maple 

de7badba8e099d03d26f7e46f08b544b_originaCherry stock with a Maple accent. End-caps are appointed with a Celtic knot pattern. Shown: Adventurer art in ochre foil pressed onto sandstone leather.

Alchemist Reward - Purpleheart and Walnut

baa869d88d68a0f2112412bebd143cfe_originaAn Alchemist is never early, never late, and rarely has eyebrows. Comes in deep Purpleheart with Walnut accent. End-caps are appointed with a Celtic knot pattern. Shown: Spellcircle art in bronze foil pressed onto onyx leather.

 Artificer Reward - Leopardwood and Maple

2eb899722bd896516cb4062a9460d56a_originaLeopardwood with Maple accent. End-caps appointed with a Celtic knot. Shown: Winged Dragon art pressed in gold foil onto sandstone leather.

 Summoner - Any Two Woods

40334f6dee4100b7452cfbf918aecc76_originaCrafted in any woods we've got with access to exclusive cap art. Shown (L-R): Purpleheart and Walnut, silver Spellcircle on lapis leather. Cherry and Maple, gold Serpent on crimson leather. Bloodwood and Wenge, ochre Elvish art on onyx leather.

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I almost wish people on kickstarter would stop making these beautiful yet expensive things. These are amazing, but that's more than I can drop on this kind of product. I really loved their spellbook as well. I hope these guys keep doing well, so I can buy their cool things later.

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I covet this, it's so clever and can be ordered with so much dragony goodness, but it is scary spendy. :-<

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