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Nightmare: sacrificing my Bones for Reapercon!


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So awesome!

I would have said take a mold of it and send it to Reaper for casting as Corporea's Nightmare.


My only advice: I've read in your earlier posts that you want the nightmare reacting negatively to the light. Other than the bare spot, I think the effect of the thing withdrawing or contorting away from the light is being under-sold. Unless it is showing better at a different angle...


Oh, and where are the toothy clowns? 😜

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"fixed that for you."   ::):   And don't worry, Vegascat- I have 2 male lions as my avatar, so it is confusing!  Actually- i could switch to a lioness I guess, but I liked that pic.  I had the opportunity to go on a safari, and watching the two brother lions play was so much fun, I wanted to use it as my pic.  My lioness pics weren't as good.  Sigh.  I am an indifferent photographer.


Darcstaar- I'm going to sculpt some more tentacles now that I have it attached to the background, so it should get better.  I was even thinking of getting a sphere in the vague size of the light filed, and sculpting along it to make it more 3-D.  not sure yet.



Thanks everyone!!!!

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From my one project with plasticard thus far...not sure how it would work with dissimilar materials, but if you use styrene to styrene with CA, work quickly and precisely. It bonds almost instantly and welds strongly. Great bond, but...be ready for it :)

And if you smear it, it's kind of a pain to get that area smooth again without creating a depression around the CA smudge.

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does that involve circuits and wires?  cause, er... that's where I get all confused!  :blush:  ::D:


it's about 3 weeks to the con, so I'll probably have to save that for my next scary project!

I'm liking this scary stuff.  I never realized how much I like surrealism.  I always thought of myself as an expressionist, so this is fun to branch out!!

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Not that I'm suggesting you actually do this (how long to ReaperCon?) but wouldn't it be awesome (and freak out Xherman1964) if the nightlight actually had an LED in it, and a light sensor to turn it on when the lights went out??  And maybe use some creepy glowy paint on some bits of the nightmare.....

Was thinking this as well....


But not sure how OSL and a real light source could / should / would interact.....


***And my friend Fuzzy is afraid of nothing!***


​***Except being Bacon-less***

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