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Nightmare: sacrificing my Bones for Reapercon!


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My sister has never let me live the day down the following words popped out of my mouth:  Is these them?


Yeah.   :down:  


True story from when I was in the Navy.  I was a court reporter at the time and we had a fairly mundane courts-martial for drug abuse or something similar going on.  The defense counsel assigned was from a different area and so I really didn't know her at all.  Other than being super sweet, all I can remember was how often she said "ya'll". :D  Well, during the court-martial, she kept saying ya'll this and ya'll that and I could see that it was getting on the judge's nerves, so I passed him a note asking if he wanted a break.  He shook his head no, but stopped the defense counsel in the middle of what she was saying and asked her if she could please stop saying "ya'll" as it sounded a little informal in the court room.  She agreed and apologized.  She lasted for a whole 20 minutes before reverting back to "ya'll".  The judge (who was actually a really nice guy) stopped her again and said "Ya'll" is not part of the Queen's English, so please stop using it in the court room.  She became super self-conscious and tongue tied that he had to take a break.   The judge, who, by this point was feeling kinda bad for the defense counsel in question, had me go get her, and he apologized to her and told her that she could go on and he wouldn't stop her anymore, but would appreciate it if she could keep the "ya'lls" down to a minimum.  :D  We then finished up in about an hour or so and everyone was happy. :)

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I am just always so super amazed by your incredible sculpting and conversion talent!  This is such an imaginative piece, and I'm totally blown away by it already!  I can't wait to see the final piece!   ::):

In addition to me sleeping under the covers now ::o:, I'm also glad to discover that Bones can be baked with polymer clays and not suffer.


And as much as I want to, I don't think I'll be able to come up with something as creative or well executed in time for ReaperCon (horror themed or otherwise).

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